’13 goals and 4 assists’ Changwon City Hall Ruan, K3 League MVP… K4 is Goyang KH Kim Un

Changwon City Hall’s Brazilian striker Luan was recognized as the best star in the semi-pro K3 league in the 2022 season.

Ruan became the MVP of the honor at the 2022 K3/K4 League Awards Ceremony held at the Kyobo Life Insurance Building Convention Hall in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the 14th. The MVP is determined by a vote by a voting panel consisting of the manager, captain, and three secretariat staff members of each club.

Luan played in 28 K3 League games this season, scoring 13 goals and 4 assists, playing a leading role in helping the team win the championship for the first time in 17 years. Although he could not attend the awards ceremony due to personal circumstances, he won two gold medals by posting his name in the best 11 striker category that day. 메이저놀이터

Changwon City Hall’s joy doubled as head coach Choi Kyung-don won the best coaching category and coach Park Nam-yeol won the best coaching category. In particular, Coach Park was chosen as the new head coach of Cheonan FC, which will participate in K-League 2 next year.

Ruan and Lee Kang-wook (Changwon City Hall) were selected for the K3 League Best 11 striker category, followed by Jung Ji-yong (Hwaseong FC) and Jeong Hyeon-shik (Busan Transportation Corporation) Yang Jun-mo (Gyeongju Hansuwon) and Joo Han-seong (Gimhae City Hall) in the midfielder category. In the defender category, Jang Ji-seong and Yun Byeong-kwon (Gyeongju KHNP), Kim Tae-eun (Pocheon Citizen) and Oh Yoon-seok (Changwon City Hall) were selected, and in the goalkeeper category, Park Chang-hyo (Busan Transportation Corporation) was selected.

Kim Woon, who led the Goyang KH soccer team to the championship, was selected as the K4 League MVP. He led the offense with 17 goals and 7 assists in 28 appearances. Head coach Bae Seong-jae received the K4 Best Leader Award.

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