1st place Yang Jun-seok, included in the list for the KCC match on the 22nd “Just joining the entry is good”

 Yang Jun-seok (21, 180cm), the first rookie, joins the KCC entry on the 22nd.

Changwon LG Yang Jun-seok was named on the list for the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball regular league home game against Jeonju KCC held at Changwon Gymnasium on the 22nd. This is the first time Yang Jun-seok has been included in the list.

Yang Jun-seok was nominated as the 1st pick in the 1st round of the 2022 rookie draft and joined LG under coach Cho Sang-hyun. He has been out for a while due to rehabilitation following a cruciate ligament rupture. His rehabilitation was completed last month, but coach Jo Sang-hyun delayed Yang Jun-seok’s joining the first team due to physical problems and quickness. After a long wait, Yang Jun-seok got a chance to play his debut match. 먹튀검증

Yang Jun-seok, whom we met before the game, said, “I did not know when I would enter the entry, so after joining the team, I worked hard on my body as much as possible. He wanted to run faster, but his trainers told him to wait a little longer and built up his body more. I don’t know if I’ll be able to play in today’s game, but it feels so good to join even the entry level.”

When asked if director Jo Sang-hyun had asked for or talked about anything, he said, “He didn’t say anything special because he was worried about the burden.”

LG is currently competing for the top ranks with three consecutive victories. When asked about the atmosphere of the team to Yang Jun-seok, who joined the team amid fierce competition for the top rank, he said, “It’s so good. As he works out with his older brothers, he feels that the atmosphere is so good. He said the game is fun and the atmosphere seems to be even better as he runs a winning streak.”

Finally, “There was a tendency to lose powerlessly in the last match against KCC. Everyone has a strong will to win today. If everyone joins forces and does what we prepared, I think there will be good results.”

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