20 billion ‘Jackpot’ after playing for only 17 minutes…’Life Reversal’ of Barsa ‘Bangsaeng’

Matheus Fernandez, who was released from Barcelona, ​​hit the life jackpot. He earned 20 billion won by playing just 17 minutes for Barcelona.

According to Spain’s Marca on the 11th (Korean time), Matheus Fernandez, who was released from Barcelona, ​​won an unfair dismissal lawsuit against Barcelona and received 8.5 million euros (approximately 11.5 billion won in Korean currency) in compensation. He added a transfer fee of 7 million euros (about 9 billion won) and hit a jackpot totaling 15.5 million euros (about 20 billion won).

Brazilian midfielder Matheus joined Barcelona B from Palmeiras in Brazil in the 2019/20 season.

He was supposed to have been signed as a backup to Sergio Busquets, but many questioned the transfer. Criticism continued over Barcelona’s decision to pay 7 million euros for a player who only stood out in the Brazilian league.

In fact, Matheus went on loan to Real Valladolid to adapt to the Spanish stage, but failed to leave an impression, and even after being promoted to the Barcelona first team in the 2020/21 season, he did not find a place.

The only match Matheus played in Barcelona this season was against Dinamo Chiuu in the UEFA Champions League group stage. The playing time was only 17 minutes.

Barcelona were merciless to a player who lacked skill. Due to overlapping financial issues, he unilaterally terminated the contract with Matheus for four years to reduce player wages.

Matheus sued Barcelona for unfair dismissal, and it was reported that a Spanish court recently ordered Barcelona to pay 8.5 million euros.

“As a result, Barcelona paid 15.5 million euros for Matheus alone. That’s about 1 million euros per minute,” said Marca. It’s not strange at all,” he said.바카라사이트

Matheus was unfairly kicked out without being able to play, but he earned 15.5 million euros and became the final winner.

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