700 million → 50 million won ‘94% reduction’ Incisive 38-year-old veteran, sprinting to avoid sickness → hamstring ‘injury’… Is it impossible to recover like this?

 NC Dinos veteran Park Seok-min’s annual salary this year is 50 million won. Virtually minimum salary for veterans. Park Seok-min, who was aiming for a comeback with the attitude of Baek Ui-jong, collapsed due to an injury while playing hustle.

Park Seok-min, who signed two FA contracts with NC for up to 9.6 billion won 스포츠토토in 4 years in 2016 and up to 3.4 billion won in 2+1 in 2020, renewed the contract this year for an annual salary of 50 million won. A whopping 94% reduction, the largest reduction ever recorded.

In July 2021, he was suspended for a total of 122 games as a result of the KBO and NC clubs’ own discipline for deviating from leading a drinking party at a hotel accommodation in violation of the Corona 19 quarantine rules.

Due to discipline, his performance over the past two years has been poor. After returning to the first team in June of last year, he had a batting average of 10.49 (7 hits in 47 at-bats) and 2 RBIs in 16 games. Due to a back injury at the end of July, he was out of power and could not return to the first team until the end of the season.

Prior to this season, I was desperate. Park Seok-min, who trained individually in the U.S. during the off-season, participated in the spring camp with a tanned face. Leaving the camp, he asked for an interview with reporters and said, “What can I say? sorry. I will do well,” he said, expressing reflection and determination.

Manager Kang In-kwon gave Park Seok-min, who had become healthy, a chance to recover by appointing him as the starting third baseman. Infielder Noh Jin-hyuk moved to Lotte as a free agent, and Seo Ho-cheol and Do Tae-hoon still need time to grow to play as starting pitchers, so Park Seok-min’s resurrection was also necessary as an NC.

Park Seok-min played as a third baseman from the opening game, and as the game progressed, the sense of hitting seemed to gradually rise. Park Seok-min, who missed the match against LG on the 18th due to a slight back discomfort, started as the fourth batter and third baseman against LG in Jamsil on the 19th.

At the beginning of the game, Seok-Min Park did his part as the 4th hitter. He scored a lucky RBI with a pitcher’s ground ball against Kelly from first out, first and third bases in the first inning. A grounder in front of the pitcher, Kelly rushed into a double play, and the throw to second base missed and the shortstop almost missed it. Kim Min-seong managed to catch it with a diving catch and was only out at second base. Park Seok-min scored the first run.

Park Seok-min increased the lead to 3-1 by adding 1 RBI with a clean left-handed timely hit in the 3rd inning without a chance on 1st and 3rd base. NC took a 5-1 lead with 4 points in the 3rd inning.  

However, Park Seok-min collapsed with an injury in the 3rd at-bat in the 4th inning. After hitting a ground ball to the third baseman in a chance on first out and third base, he sprinted to first base to prevent a double hit. However, he fell forward near first base.

His back was already not perfect, but he injured his right hamstring while running with all his might. His right leg slumped and he fell forward as if doing a head-first sliding. (Despite Park Seok-min’s full-body sprint, it became a double kill)

Park Seok-min, who collapsed on the ground, was unable to get up for a while due to pain. He ran to the trainer and paramedics to check his condition, and even an ambulance came to the ground. Park Seok-min, who recovered his body, did not get on the ambulance and was carried to the locker room on a stretcher. Afterwards, he received icing treatment and stayed with the team until the end of the game, and is scheduled to receive hospital treatment on the 20th. 

He appeared to be in bad shape with his injuries to the point of falling while running. He is expected to take some time to rehabilitate. Park Seok-min recorded a batting average of .25 (11 hits in 44 at-bats), 1 home run and 6 RBIs before he was injured that day.

Park Seok-min is also bad luck, NC is also bad luck. This is because foreign pitcher Widener, foreign batter Martin, main catcher Park Se-hyeok, and backup infielder Seo Ho-cheol are already missing from the entry due to injuries. 

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