‘Amnesty controversy total resignation’ Football Association directors change to new faces

The Korea Football Association’s board of directors, who resigned en masse due to controversy over the pardon of match-fixers, will be replaced with new faces.

The Korea크크크벳Football Association announced on the 2nd, “Chairman Chung Mong-gyu’s press conference to announce the list of new directors will be held tomorrow (3rd) at 10:00 am in the conference room on the 2nd floor of the Soccer Hall.”

As a result, on the 4th of last month, the board of directors who took responsibility for the controversy over the pardon of the match-fixer and resigned en masse will be replaced with new people.

The controversy over pardon for the match manipulator took place on March 28th. Right before the A-match held on the day, the Korea Football Association held a board meeting in the conference room of the Seoul World Cup Stadium and made a surprise decision to pardon 100 soccer players who are being disciplined.

Those subject to pardon were former and incumbent players, coaches, referees, and group executives who are being disciplined for various misconduct. Among the subjects were 48 players who were expelled in 2011 for match-fixing in professional football.

Afterwards, as controversy arose about protecting my family and the wave spread in the political world, the Football Association held a temporary board meeting on the 31st of the same month and withdrew the pardon.

As a result, the amnesty of a total of 100 disciplinary soccer players, including 48 participants in the match fixing in professional soccer, was completely canceled, but voices demanding the termination of the decision increased.

Then, except for Chairman Chung, the association’s vice-presidents and all board members resigned en masse on the 4th of last month, and the position has remained vacant since then.

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