Arsenal sign multiplayer Trosar Reinforcing the offensive line to solidify the championship

Arsenal look to strengthen their attack to win the title with the signing of Leandro Trosar.

Arsenal announced on its official website on the 21st (Korean time) that it had recruited Trosar. The contract period is four and a half years, and the possibility of playing against Manchester United, which is scheduled for the morning of the 23rd, is being raised.

Trossar is playing well for Brighton as a second-line striker. This season, he has appeared in 16 league matches, scoring 7 goals and 3 assists. In the summer of 2019, he scored 25 goals and 14 assists in 121 appearances for Brighton. 온라인카지노

He reinforced the position that is essential for Arsenal as well. With Gabriel Jesus absent for a long time due to injury, reinforcements were needed as strikers were lacking. Although the side is the main position, considering that Trosar often plays in the center, it is a highly utilized recruitment in many ways.

“I’m really excited about this new start,” Trossar said. “Arsenal is a big club and I’m ready to show my skills to the fans. Everyone knows the team is doing very well already and I’m here to achieve their goals. I came,” he said, expressing his feelings of joining.

“I like to move behind the striker. I can also play on the flanks. I’m comfortable in any position, but if I have to choose, I like a slow striker. But it’s all a matter of team tactics.” “I think it’s good, so I can finish well when the opportunity arises. I want to help the team win difficult games. I have strength in a small space and I have a lot of experience.” .

Arsenal are at the top of the table with just one defeat this season. Although they have played one less game, they have 47 points, which is somewhat different from second place Manchester City (42 points) and third place Manchester United (39 points). However, it is necessary to maintain the current good pace as we are now at the halfway point of the season. Recruiting Trosar is a choice to win the championship after 19 years.

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