‘Bad owner’ Levy → Salary self-increase → Fans ‘extreme anger’

 Tottenham fans, where Son Heung-min is playing in the English Premier League, sometimes ‘Levy out!’ put up a placard It’s because he’s too stingy in investing.

It is not necessary to invest a lot to get good grades, but Tottenham invests too little even compared to rival clubs.

This season is especially so. So, Tottenham Suffer Chairman Daniel Levy said to Tottenham Chairman Daniel Levy, “I sent a letter to the Tottenham Board of Directors, including the team’s direction, club’s mid- to long-term goals, philosophy, investment strategy, etc., including issues related to future investments.”

The anger of Tottenham fans is piercing the sky, but Daniel Levy doesn’t care about this kind of criticism and just goes his own way. It is the fans who are upset.

Levy, who is known for spending money on club investment, recently raised his salary on his own. Britain’s The Sun raised Levy’s salary by £500,000 on the 25th스포츠토토. Fans exploded in anger, but Levy said he was not ashamed at all.

The Sun reported that Levy had to hear the slogan of ‘Levy out’ in recent months. It has been too long since Tottenham has lifted the championship trophy. Fans have been waiting 15 years, but this season doesn’t seem likely. They advanced to the Champions League last season, but now they are in fourth place, but they are struggling with Newcastle.

Although Levy is being criticized, a media report revealed that Levy had a salary increase of around £500,000 in the last year’s accounting, which ended in June 2022. In 2021, he received 2.69 million pounds, but last year he received 3.26 million pounds. It turned out that he had received an additional £570,000.

So, The Sun requested the club to hear an explanation about the salary increase from President Levy, but it is said that it was rejected.

Levy said he earned a total of £7m in 2019. This included a £3m bonus for the completion of the new stadium.

When it was revealed that he had raised his own salary in this way, Tottenham supporters were shocked. “Levy has no shame” “He hasn’t had success on the pitch, but he still raises his salary? “We all know what our priorities are,” “What the hell did he do to raise his salary?”

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