“Be sure to bring Cho Kyu-seong” Mainz offers 5 years and 3.3 million euros… Jeonbuk refuses again

It has been revealed that Germany’s Bundesliga Mainz raised the transfer fee to 3.3 million euros (approximately 4.4 billion won) to recruit Cho Kyu-sung.

The official representative of Mainz, which is seeking to recruit Cho Kyu-seong, said in a phone call with KBS that Mainz recently made another offer to recruit Jeonbuk under the terms of a five-year contract and a transfer fee of 3.3 million euros (approximately KRW 4.4 billion).

However, Park Ji-seong, Jeonbuk’s advisor, who is staying in London, UK, rejected even this proposal, and in fact, conveyed the meaning that Jeonbuk had no intention of sending Cho Kyu-sung in the transfer market this winter.

Mainz’ courtship toward Cho Kyu-sung is sincere.

In mid-December of last year, Mainz coach Svensson called Cho Kyu-seong directly and delivered a very specific plan about where and in what tactics he would use Cho Kyu-seong in Mainz.

Fascinated by Cho Kyu-sung’s performance at the World Cup in Qatar, coach Svensson is said to have confirmed his intention to recruit him by revisiting all of Cho Kyu-sung’s plays during his time as managing director of Gimcheon, as well as Jeonbuk.

With two of Mainz’s strikers now out due to injuries, Mainz plans to use Cho Kyu-seong immediately as a sense of power.

It is known that Jo Kyu-seong also turned his heart to Mainz in this active courtship of Mainz.

In a recent press conference held at Jeonbuk’s field training, Cho Kyu-seong said, “If I don’t go out in the winter, the teams that have offered me this way may not want me in the summer, and in the meantime, my price may drop or my physical condition may deteriorate. We are preparing by considering all of them.” He also expressed his desire to challenge in the winter transfer market. 온라인카지노

The prevailing opinion is that it is not easy to adapt to Europe through the winter transfer market, but it is evaluated that the situation is different for Cho Kyu-sung, who has already solved his military problems.

Analysts say that he is guaranteed a long five-year contract at Mainz, and he can focus on adapting to the team without worrying about his military service.

However, no matter how much Cho Kyu-sung wants to challenge in Europe, the final key to his overseas expansion ultimately rests with the Jeonbuk club.

Jeonbuk rejected even 3.3 million euros. The tug-of-war between Jeonbuk and Cho Kyu-seong continues with about 15 days left until the transfer window deadline.

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