Because of 8 minutes… ‘Deleted from the list’ Chelsea FW, ATM-Milan interest ‘transfer impossible’

It was the same situation as Hwang Eui -jo

. There were clubs interested in Chelsea striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, but an ‘eight-minute trip’ to Barcelona ultimately prevented him from leaving the team.

Aubameyang will not be able to compete메이저사이트 in Europe. There was no place for Aubameyang in the 25-man list of the UEFA Champions League (UCL) released by Chelsea. Instead, ‘freshman’ Joao Felix, Mihailo Mudrik and Enzo Fernandez join Chelsea’s journey from the Round of 16.

Aubameyang is bound to be disappointed. He helped the team advance to the tournament with two goals and one assist in the group stage. Correspondent Matt Law of the British ‘Telegraph’ said: “Aubameyang is shocked that he has been left out of Chelsea’s UCL squad. His future at Chelsea has become even more uncertain with the news that the club want to let him go.” told

His position in the team is gradually diminishing. At the beginning of the season he alternated between league and UCL as a starter, but now he is only coming out as a substitute. As soon as he arrived, there was also the misfortune of being sacked by coach Thomas Tuchel of the ‘Gift’. In the last game against Fulham, he tasted the humiliation of being excluded from the squad altogether.

Even a winter transfer was impossible. Reporter Nisar Kinsella, who is a member of England’s ‘Evening Standard’ and is well versed in Chelsea news, said on the 6th (Korean time), “AC Milan and Atletico Madrid (ATM) were interested in Aubameyang, but according to FIFA rules, he was transferred. The possibility was blocked.”

The relevant regulations are as follows. According to FIFA’s regulations on player transfers, a player can be registered with up to three clubs during a season, and only two of them can compete in official matches. Aubameyang played official matches at Barcelona and Chelsea, so he could not play even if he transferred.

This is a reason that is familiar to domestic soccer fans as well. Hwang Eui-jo was unable to stay in Europe after his failure at Olympiacos because of this regulation. Hwang Eui-jo is currently on short-term loan at FC Seoul, because the league schedules of the European League (Chuchunje) and K-League (Chunchuje) do not overlap.

In the end, ‘8 Minutes’ caught on. Aubameyang has only played 8 minutes for Barcelona this season as a substitute in the opening game of the league. This is holding Aubameyang right on his feet this winter.

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