Bitter brother’ Lee Han-saem, “If you’re a professional player, you have to make results”

“If you are a professional player, you have to make achievements”.  먹튀검증

Chungbuk Cheongju won 2-1 in an away game against Gimpo FC in the 16th round of the Hana One Q K League 2 2023 held at Gimpo Salteo Stadium on the 4th.

With the victory on this day, Chungbuk Cheongju continued its march to the mid-table with 4 wins, 4 draws and 7 losses with 16 points.

Chungbuk Cheongju scored the first goal in the 2nd minute of the first half. Also, in the 26th minute of the first half, Jorge, who received a pass from Lee Jung-taek, finished with a goal to make it 2-0. 

In the second half, the defensive line concentration shone. When Gimpo pushed ahead with Lewis, the league’s top scorer (7 goals), Chungbuk Cheongju blocked it with the defense’s intensive defense and Park Dae-han’s save. Although he gave up a header goal to Yun Min-ho of Gimpo.

Chungbuk Cheongju showed a solid appearance by blocking the opponent’s threatening cross and one-on-one chance. Chungbuk Cheongju, who did not lose concentration until the end, kept the 3 points. 

Lee Han-saem, who contributed to the victory as a center back, said after the game, “My grades were not very good in April. So the responsibility was very heavy. Following May, my performance is gradually improving. In particular, my juniors followed me well, so I was really encouraged. I am very happy to win against a strong team called Gimpo in the first game in June.” 

Lee Han-saem, who made his professional debut in 2012 in Gwangju, played in Gangwon from 2015 to 2016. At the time, Lee Han-saem worked with director Choi Yoon-gyeom. He said, “I have really good memories with the coach in Gangwon. I’m really happy to see you again. I’m really happy playing soccer in Cheongju, Chungbuk.” 

Being the same age as Jang Hyuk-jin in 1989 and being the best member of the team, he said, “During winter training, my younger siblings hated me and had a hard time.” “I’m really happy to see the players change in the game. It was a lot of pressure because the results were not good at the beginning of the season. But now it’s changing. I have to play with my younger brothers so that I can be more different.” 

On the other hand, Lee Han-saem said, “My juniors are well aware that I am bitter. I am grateful to listen to my brother’s story.” We are a professional player and a professional team. Following May, we need to bring results in June. It is important to shake off all the image and thoughts of being a new team.”

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