Blunt Attack, Sharp Remedy

Give each person an hour to think. After 1 hour, it should be left in 1 minute. If you don’t let it go beyond 60 seconds, you lose. If you multiply this by 2, that means it will take well over 2 hours to finish with a game of Go. Of course, this is when we both use up the time we were given. This board ended with 143 moves. We didn’t even get close to the finishing stage of calculating the 2nd, 1st, and half albums, but Baek picked up the stone saying that he had lost. No matter how big the goal difference is, soccer is over only when the referee blows the whistle after the first half and the second half. In Go, even if it starts according to the referee’s signal, it is the player’s mind that decides the end. The athlete only informs the referee of the result.143 moves were made in 1 hour and 30 minutes. He has not been able to bring himself back into equilibrium twice since his turn to the black side. Black easily avoided when White announced an attack from above as if he was launching a missile. He has taken the actual fight. <Figure 1> When White 1, 3, and 5 exploded, I thought Black was split in two. I’m a spectator. It’s exciting to see such a fiery fight. However, when he drove to black 8, the blazing flame was struck by water. A point on the white 3 gets caught on the axis and soon disappears into the stone barrel. <Picture 2> If you are connected to White 1 and defended by Black 2, it is a tight flow with a long way to go. (119…113, 121…60) End of move 143, Black Buddha Succession. 스포츠토토

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