British media’s pack pok “Kane, it’s easier to win at Newcastle than Tottenham”

Harry Kane, who is now in his 30s, has never won a championship in his career. Leaving Tottenham Hotspur could be a shortcut.

British ‘Talk Sports’ reported on the 11th (Korean time) that “Tottenham striker Kane will have more chances to lift the trophy at Newcastle United than Tottenham.”

Kane is a living legend for England and Tottenham. Tottenham, who started his career at Tottenham in 2009, began to reveal his presence little by little from 2014. Kane, who ended his bench life and grew into Tottenham’s main striker, is scoring numerous goals with his outstanding decision-making power.

He has a whopping 265 goals in Tottenham alone. Kane won the English Premier League (EPL) top scorer three times, and even showed the splendid feat of winning the league’s top scorer and assist king at the same time in the 2020-21 season. Still, there is no championship cup. There have been three finals at Tottenham in the history of his career, but he was frustrated on the threshold. Football fans can’t believe that no player as great as Kane has won a single trophy.

In this situation, English coach Neil Warnock suggested a way for Kane to win the trophy. It’s about daring to emigrate. Manager Warnock thought that moving to another championship club had a better chance of winning than playing for Tottenham. 스포츠토토

Asked if Kane had a chance to lift the trophy at Newcastle, he said: “I thought in pre-season Newcastle were going to be in the top four. They’re holding it up. Last game, Newcastle’s defense was as good as I’ve ever seen. I played a very good game against Arsenal,” he praised Newcastle’s momentum.

He then recommended Kane to Newcastle. “I thought it would be nice if Manchester City could get Kane last year, but they are doing an incredible job with Erling Haaland. It would be fantastic if Newcastle could get Kane, but Chairman Daniel Levy said he would be looking for £250m About 378.3 billion won) will be wanted.”

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