Caught yelling at the coach… How far is Ronaldo’s eccentricity?

Ronaldo, who went to Saudi Arabia, is attracting attention for his bizarre behavior rather than his skills. Last week, he committed a ‘headlock’ foul, but today (25th) he was even caught yelling at the coach.

When the ball flew high with his head, he threw his body and scored the goal.

Ronaldo is uncomfortable with his opponent’s splendid scoring.

Bicycle kicking was his specialty throughout his heyday, but he only tried it on the Saudi stage and never succeeded.

Even after that,메이저놀이터 the match didn’t work out as expected.

The kicked ball was blocked by the goalkeeper or hit the goal post, and while dribbling, he fell alone or lost the ball absurdly due to a ball touch mistake.

On the way to the locker, there was also a scene where he took out his anger on the poor coach, but Al Nasr lost 0-1 amid Ronaldo’s sluggishness and failed to advance to the King’s Cup final.

He received the highest annual salary of nearly 300 billion won and started his life in Saudi Arabia with a splendid signing ceremony, but controversy follows Ronaldo’s every day.

11 goals in 11 league games, but there are a lot of penalties, and the majority of goals against teams in the lower ranks.

Also, after Ronaldo joined, the team failed to advance to the Super Cup final and fell to 2nd place in the league, making it difficult to win.

In the midst of this, Ronaldo was warned a week ago for a foul that seemed to put a headlock on an opponent, and after the game, when opposing fans shouted rival ‘Messi’, he acted strangely and even heard criticism that he “should be expelled” from the field.

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