Chae Eun-seong and Lee Tae-yang stand at the vanguard for Hanwha’s leap forward

 The Hanwha Eagles will restore their honor with new captain Jung Woo-ram (38) and new team members Lee Tae-yang (33), Chae Eun-seong (33), and Oh Seon-jin (34).

On the 29th, the Hanwha team departed for Arizona, the site of the spring camp, through Incheon International Airport.

Hanwha will start spring camp for the 2023 season in Mesa, Arizona, USA from February 1st.

It is an overseas spring camp that resumes after 3 years since 2020. Due to the aftermath of Corona 19, Hanwha has digested spring camp in Geoje, Gyeongnam for the past two years.

Hanwha will hold its first training-oriented camp at Mesa Bellbank Park until the 24th of next month. During the first camp, three warm-up matches are scheduled against the Dutch national team in the World Baseball Classic (WBC).

At the 2nd camp held in Okinawa, Japan, it is planned to enhance the sense of actual combat through practice matches with KBO league teams.

Hanwha, which has been at the bottom for several years, is eager to recover its pride this year.

Jung Woo-ram said, “I was appointed as the captain. I am worried about what to do because my grades have not been good for three years. Looking at the faces of the players, I feel relieved to see that they are bright, prepared, and practiced well.”

The message I want to convey to the players is to re-arm.

Jung Woo-ram said, “Rather than saying ‘Let’s get good grades’ or ‘You can’t be in last place’, I want to say that we need to re-equip our minds with the thought that each day’s game is precious and may be the last. I want to plant it. If the players follow me well, I think there will be many better games than before.”

Jung Woo-ram said, “I think the reinforcement of players such as Chae Eun-seong and Lee Tae-yang is positive. Eun-seong came from a good team called LG. I want to tell him about the good culture. Lee Tae-yang has also been at Hanwha for a long time, but he learned from seeing SSG players capable of winning. I’m looking forward to it. Oh Seon-jin also said that he felt and learned a lot at Samsung. There will be a lot of synergy effects. Our players have been at Hanwha for a long time, so it’s hard to catch their strengths. did. 스포츠토토

Chae Eun-seong, wearing a Hanwha uniform after obtaining FA status, said that he would work hard for Hanwha to leap forward.

Chae Eun-seong said, “I will prepare well so that I can finish the season without injury at the spring camp. I will follow my routine. Nothing will change.”

The sense of responsibility that Chae Eun-seong feels has no choice but to grow. Regarding this, he said, “Every player feels pressure. I don’t attach much importance to it. I will always do my best with the mindset that there is no place for me like when I was at LG.”

Chae Eun-seong said, “I think Hanwha will be able to post better results than last year. That’s why I came here. I will do my best.”

Lee Tae-yang also said he would spare no advice to the players.

Lee Tae-yang said, “I came back to Hanwha, but it feels familiar and awkward. I went to SSG for about 2 years and 6 months, and there was a little change. I came back well, so I have a new feeling.”

He trained in Okinawa, Japan, during the off-season to condition his condition.

Lee Tae-yang said, “It was the first time I played baseball as late as last year. I rested well in the off-season and started training after mid-December. If I lead well, I think the players will be a little better,” he said.

He emphasized that the team will become stronger as the players do their best every moment.

Lee Tae-yang said, “I’ve won SSG once, but there must be players who haven’t won yet in Hanwha. After experiencing it, I think I know why I have to win and why I have to win. Hanwha has many good players, so let’s all (win the championship) I hope that such a moment will come when I can feel it,” he said calmly.

Next, Lee Tae-yang explained, “If young players feel that each game is precious, the Hanwha as a whole will improve, and the team will become stronger if all players enter the season with the idea that they will record individual career highs.”

Regarding his personal goal, Lee Tae-yang said, “I am not greedy. I will throw whenever the team needs it. I will prepare well.”

Oh Seon-jin said, “Hanwha has many young players. I am the oldest among the fielders. I will talk a lot with my juniors and help where I can help. I will work hard together to help the team achieve good results.” promised.

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