‘Challenge for AG medal in 33 years’ Men’s water polo team, special training for 3 weeks in Hungary

 The men’s water polo team, which is challenging for the first Asian Games medal in 33 years, will conduct training in Hungary for three weeks.

The Korea Swimming Federation announced on the 18th that the men’s national water polo team led by leaders Jin Man-geun and Kim Ki-woo left for Hungary for three weeks of overseas training.

The team, which consists of 2 coaches and 14 players, conducts joint training for a week with professional teams of the Hungarian water polo league based in Tutterbanja and Cegled in Hungary. Afterwards, he will move to Gödöllö, undergo special training with the Hungarian under-18 national team leader, and return home on March 14th.

The Korea Swimming Federation said, “Through this overseas training, we expect that players will experience various game strategies and tactics, such as attack and defense patterns that cannot be encountered in Korea.”

Captain Kwon Dae-yong (Gyeonggi Provincial Office) said, “This is the first off-campus training where you can focus entirely on training온라인카지노, not participating in international competitions. I hope it will improve,” he said.

Chairman Chung Chang-hoon visited Incheon International Airport that day and personally saw off the water polo team. Chairman Chung encouraged the team, saying, “Water polo is a sport in which skills improve as experience is accumulated. We will spare no support to provide more opportunities for overseas training in the future.”

The water polo team’s goal this year is to win a prize at the Asian Games in Hangzhou, which will open on September 23rd.

Korean water polo won a silver medal at the Seoul Games in 1986 and a bronze medal at the Beijing Games in 1990. However, in the 33 years since then, he has never been on the podium.

The 1988 Seoul Olympics and the 2019 Gwangju World Aquatics Championships were the only ones to participate in the Olympics and World Aquatics Championships.

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