Chuncheon Sports Club, Gangwon Sports Awards bounty return to local community

Chuncheon Sports Club (Chairman Gil Jong-jin) visited the mayor’s office of Chuncheon City Hall on the 13th and donated 2 million won to the city for the local low-income class.

Chuncheon Sports Club received a reward of 2 million won along with the ‘Gangwon Sports Award’, which boasts the highest authority in Gangwon sports, at the ‘2022 Gangwon Sportsmen’s Night’ event last December. The Chuncheon Sports Club expressed its intention to return the bounty money to the local community for the underprivileged. Chairman Gil온라인카지노Jong-jin said, “Chuncheon Sports Club will get closer to citizens through program operation and various volunteer activities for sports welfare.” Chuncheon Sports Club was selected as a designated sports club by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in August of last year in accordance with the Sports Club Act. It operates a sports class for life and a professional athlete class, and is engaged in various activities such as being selected for a professional athlete development support project and a specialized program contested by the Korea Sports Association.

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