Cruel and exhilarating ‘moment’… “It’s over when it’s over”

Professional basketball Seoul SK extended the 3rd extension on the 28th In the end, Daegu Korea Gas Corporation won 118-116, 2 points.

‘Miracle of 0.3 seconds’ came out. 0.3 seconds before the end of the second overtime, which was trailing 109-111, a free throw was awarded due to an opponent foul. In the process of competing for a rebound, KOGAS Jeong Hyo-geun pushed Jamil Warney. SK won after Warney calmly made two free throws to tie the game and went into the third overtime. 스포츠토토

A similar situation occurred the next day. Leading Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation also lost 74-76 in the game against Korea Gas Corporation, and got two free throws due to an opponent foul with 0.8 seconds left at the end of the 4th quarter. Devon Scott of Korea Gas Corporation hit Daryl Monroe of KGC, who was jumping to shoot the last shot in a situation where players were crowded under the goal. Monroe made both free throws and the game went to overtime and KGC won 87-85.

A foul declaration in professional basketball is often controversial in close game situations that can affect the outcome. During a close game, especially right before the end of the game, the referee has no choice but to be more careful about declaring a foul. Because of this, there were very few cases where a foul was declared with less than one second left, unless the action was so obvious that a ‘slow screen’ was not necessary. It is very unusual that such a ‘buzzer beater-level foul’ was declared for two consecutive days.

Coincidentally, KOGAS was the loser in both of these matches. From the point of view of Korea Gas Corporation, which is looking to enter the top 6 from 9th place, it is a wasteful game enough to hit the ground. Korea Gas Corporation coach Yoo Do-hoon expressed strong regret at the decision after the defeat on the 29th. It is unusual enough to say that he is “the first time I have played basketball in several decades.”

However, both fouls had only a difference in ‘degree’, but the act of contacting the opponent was captured. Whether it’s 0.8 seconds or 0.3 seconds, it’s before the end of the game, so a foul is a foul. As a result of reconfirmation, KBL also concluded with sincerity.

The winners of these two matches are both top teams. KGC ranked 1st and SK ranked 4th, leading the competition for the round of 6 this season stably. It is the aspect of a strong team that they won a come-from-behind victory in overtime by demonstrating their concentration until the end. It is fundamental to concentrate unconditionally until the final whistle blows.

A game of less than one second is highly likely to appear again in the future. Having caught the decisive foul that dictated the game for two days in a row, it seems that KBL will have to maintain consistency in the future with a ‘hawk’s eye’ decision. The reason why there is noise even after making the right decision is because it is also a matter of trust that has been built up.

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