Daebang Engineering & Construction Golf Team recruits KLPGA 5-win Somi Lee and LPGA Noh Ye-rim

 Daebang Engineering & Construction will participate in the 2023 season with 4 KLPGA and 3 LPGA players, recruiting Lee So-mi, who has won 5 KLPGA wins, and Noh No-rim on the LPGA.

Daebang Engineering & Construction has been providing unsparing support since its establishment in 2014 with a sense of mission to expand the golf base and develop domestic professional sports. It is taking a wide and meaningful step from discovering players with the potential to play an active role on the world stage as well as prospects with infinite potential and recruiting top players in Korea.

Daebang Engineering & Construction Golf Team, which started with the players of the first KLPGA tour, has grown steadily and has been active on the overseas stage beyond the domestic tour, solidifying its position as a world-class club. For the new season of 2023, Daebang Engineering & Construction is expected to play an active role in the two major tours in Korea and the United States, consisting of a total of 7 players, 4 from the KLPGA Tour and 3 from the LPGA Tour, through bold recruitment to strengthen the golf team’s competitiveness.

The noteworthy news of Daebang Construction in this Stove League is that it recruited Lee So-mi, who has shown steady performance since her professional debut and won two consecutive championships in Jeju Island last season, recording a total of 5 wins. Also, Noh No-rim, who has been attracting attention since his junior days in the US and has been active since his LPGA debut as a top prospect, was highly evaluated and decided to recruit. Lee So-mi, who has just started the new season with Daebang Construction, said, “First of all, I sincerely thank you for recognizing my value as a player, and I will do my best to grow with the Daebang Construction Golf Team and show you a better image than before.” He said his feelings. Noh No-rim said, “Starting this year, we started a new season with Daebang Engineering & Construction Golf Club. We sincerely thank Daebang Construction for deciding to sponsor us, and we will do our best to live up to your support and expectations.” 스포츠토토

In 2023, the Daebang Construction golf team will join Lee Jung-eun 6 (26), Oh Soo-hyun (26), Noh No-rim (21) of the LPGA Tour, Lee So-mi (23), Jeong Yeon-ju (30), Hyun Se-rin (21) of the KLPGA Tour, and Hyun Se-rin (21) of the KLPGA Tour. Even Kim Min-seon, 7 (19), who participated, successfully entered the regular tour, and finished preparations for the new season with a more anticipated lineup than any previous season. The players are also focusing on their winter training to prepare for the upcoming new season and their first tournament on the Korea-US tour.

Meanwhile, Daebang Construction ranked 14th in the construction capability evaluation of construction companies in 2022, and is a comprehensive construction company that owns its own brand ‘Dietre’. An official from Daebang Construction said, “We are delighted to welcome such great athletes as Lee So-mi and Noh-rim into our family. I am looking forward to the performance of the Daebang Construction Golf Team, which consists of a new lineup in 2023,” he said.

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