Daegu FC with more Saturday games… What matchup are you interested in?

According to the recently confirmed K-League 2023 season schedule,  Daegu FC found that the number of Saturday home games, which is advantageous for fans’ accessibility and crowd  mobilization, increased more than in 2022  . Daegu FC, which played only three  Saturday games during the regular season weekend games in 2022,  has organized seven Saturday DGB Daegu Bank Park  home games this season, more than twice as many as last year  . That ‘s well over half of the 12 regular-season home games played  prior to the split round  . Starting with Jeju United, who won the  opening game of DGB Daegu Bank Park in 2019,  in the home opening game on Saturday, March 4,  Daegu FC will play a home game against promoted team  Daejeon Hana Citizen on the second  Saturday of the season. The expected. The first home game against rival FC Seoul, which  has been a fierce battle of nerves in the recent confrontation,  will be held on the evening of June 4th,  the home game against Jeonbuk, the league’s strongest team, which Daegu has always struggled  against, will be held on March 19th, and  last season’s winner Ulsan will be played on Children’s Day on  May 5 . See you at home on the 5th of the month.카지노

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