Defender who went mental, reopened SNS “The only way to become stronger”

 Pedro Poro (Tottenham Hotspur), who was in despair enough to stop the fan comment terrorism, posted a reconciling article.

According to British media ‘Football London’,토스카지노 the prisoner has reactivated social media (SNS). Poro, who became the cause of defeat due to a painful mistake in the 2022-23 season English Premier League round 31 against Bournemouth three days ago, had to close his social media access to avoid attacks from fans.

In Tottenham’s come-from-behind defeat, the proportion of prisoners was significant. Heung-Min Son made the mistake of conceding an equalizer when he was ahead with the opening goal. Poro, who received Dabinson Sanchez’s pass, lost the ball while trying to break through the dribble to overcome the opponent’s pressure. Tottenham, who handed over possession in the danger zone, conceded as it was.

Tottenham, who became the cause of the prisoner’s mistake, engaged in a defensive battle with Bournemouth exchanging goals until the end of the game. In the end, they lost 2-3 and stayed in 5th place in the league. Poro seemed to be conscious of the fans’ reaction, closing his social media immediately after the game and sparing his words. As much as he was, he recognized his mistakes and tried to find a way to improve.

The prisoner, who was mentally unstable, took courage again. The prisoner appeared to be mind-controlling, saying, “You never know how strong you are. Being strong is the only option left to you.” Then, he didn’t forget to say “thank you for your affectionate message” to the fans who gave him courage rather than criticism.

Poro isn’t the only defender who disappointed fans at Bournemouth. Sanchez also showed poor performance and deactivated social media after the game. Tottenham fans even booed Sanchez directly. Even veteran Hugo Lloris said, “In my long playing career, I’ve never seen home fans boo at our player. I don’t want to see what Sanchez went through.”

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