‘European group’ Park Ye-eun, “Brighton players also select the national team, want to win”

(Best Eleven)

Brighton & Hove Albion Women’s midfielder Park Ye-eun showed high expectations for the match against the England women’s national team.

The Korean women’s national soccer team, led by head coach Colin Bell, will play the first game of the 2023 Arnold Clark Cup against the England women’s national team on the 17th. It will be held in England, and the match against England will be held at Stadium MK, the home stadium of MK Dunns, at 4:45 am on the 17th (Korean time). Korea, England스포츠토토, Belgium and Italy will participate in this tournament.

Prior to the match against the strong team, Park Ye-eun said, “It is my first time playing against the strong team, and women’s soccer is currently very popular in England. The opportunity itself for our team to show Korean women’s soccer in such an environment is a great experience and I am grateful.” He shared his impressions of participating in the Arnold Clark Cup.

Park Ye-eun showed a good performance in place of Jo So-hyun’s mission in the evaluation match against New Zealand last November. Park Ye-eun, who even scored a goal, drew attention. Recalling that time, Park Ye-eun said, “After moving to Brighton, I am experiencing playing against strong players in England. I showed the advantages I gained here in the match against New Zealand. I wanted to play my own , It seems that it led to the goal.”

With Cho So-hyun and Lee Young-joo absent in this tournament, Park Ye-eun’s shoulders are expected to become heavy. He said, “Depending on the opponent, the coach envisions different tactics. I don’t know what role he will give me, but I think a player is to do his best to fit the role the coach wants. We will do our best to bring victory.”

Park Ye-eun, who plays for Brighton along with Lee Geum-min, said that his teammates are also feeling competitive after being selected for the England national team. “We also talked about where we would be playing and what our expectations were for each other ahead of the game. We used to play together and know each other’s styles, so we want to win even more.”

Regarding what Manager Bell demands, he said, “The manager always likes high-intensity and fast football. So he always tells me to play fast passes and progressive football. I always try to create what we need.”

Lastly, Park Ye-eun is looking at the World Cup stage that is approaching five months from now. Pointing out ‘goal’ as a necessary point prior to the World Cup, he promised, “I think that the World Cup must score more goals than the opponent. We will do our best to bring about good results so that our team can score goals.”

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