Even if you miss the core… Kim Ki-dong-sik Pohang Steel Taka is ‘ideal nothing’

I have a lot of thoughts… I can see everything from here.”

‘Cannon shooter’ Lee Ki-hyung (49), son of Seongnam FC coach Lee Ho-jae (23), fired a nagging voice from Pohang Steelers manager Kim Ki-dong (52) when the shooting timing was delayed from the front. It accurately pointed out that the moment the striker hesitates, the opponent’s pressure already comes in and a good opportunity is lost. Coach Kim, who watched the forward movement near the center line, demanded a simple solution, saying, “I can see how you feel.”

Pohang is focusing on the second winter training in Seogwipo, Jeju Island. In Hanoi, Vietnam, he devoted himself to physical training, and in Seogwipo, he worked hard on building organizational skills through practice matches. When the national team came to train, they focused on training by exclusively using the Seogwipo Civic Stadium, which was given first place.

In December of last year, coach Kim Ki-dong, who signed a renewal contract with Pohang for three more years with the promotional slogan of ‘the best treatment ever’, said to the players, “Let’s win this season.” It is the will to properly break the obvious two-way match between Ulsan Hyundai and Jeonbuk Hyundai. Jeju coach Nam Ki-il has already declared that he finished second or better, so I am curious about the outcome of Pohang’s ambitious challenge.

Above all, this year is the club’s 50th anniversary. It is important to produce results in a meaningful year. So, even in training, we are working hard to create motivation by clearly defining the hierarchy. If you look at Rondo, who turns the ball, he grouped them into starting players, substitutes, and new players. The message is that if you show only your ability, you will be included in the starting group.

Midfielder Kang Hyeon-jae, who was recruited as a free starter, is like that. After a mini-game or offensive deployment training, there are often scenes in which director Kim grabs Hyeon-jae Kang and gives instructions separately스포츠토토. An official from Pohang said, “It is difficult to know the coach’s intentions accurately, but he shows Kang Hyeon-je teaching something in each training session,” and said that he was caught in the eyes of coach Kim, who is a master of player development.

Of course, coach Kim showed a cautious attitude. After counting the number of players, the reporter confirmed that there were 34 players (one injured rehabilitation player was omitted) and asked, “It looks a little less than other clubs.” .

That part is understandable. Lim Sang-hyeop left for FC Seoul, and Lee Soo-bin also headed for Jeonbuk. Above all, core midfielder Shin Jin-ho, who shouted for recognition of his value, moved to Incheon United. Several players should be given to the national team for each age group. This is especially true of the Hangzhou Asian Games scheduled for late September, when the ranking battle is fierce. Koh Young-jun (22), who has the potential to play as a set-piece kicker along with Kim Jong-woo, who was recruited from Gwangju FC, is expected to be selected for the under-23 (U-23) national team. There is a possibility that even Lee Ho-jae will be called. Director Kim blurted out, saying, “It’s a big deal if (Ko Young-jun) falls out. I’m worried.”

That’s why he’s further developing his organizational skills. Jeka, who played for Daegu FC, was recruited, and Wandelson is still alive. Zecca’s shooting finishing motion was flexible, prompting exclamation and applause at the same time. If Kim In-seong speeds up from the side and Kim Seung-dae and Baek Seong-dong spread the ball well in the front line of central midfield guarded by Oberdan, ‘Kim Ki-dong’s Steel Taka’ can continue. Nothing different from last year. In the process of developing the attack, it was important for anyone to fill the space created by the attacking midfielder or central striker receiving the ball and advancing like a cogwheel. It is to connect like water.

In order for the transfer student and the existing resource to become close, it is confirmed by the rules set by Director Kim at the meal. Breakfast is essential. Sleep would be better, but I hoped that I could understand my colleagues by talking over meals. Cell phones are not allowed during the three meal times. The intention is to share food and have many conversations. No players looked at their cell phones during actual mealtimes. Everyone was talking and looking at each other’s faces. An official from Pohang said, “No one brings a mobile phone except for the support staff who are essential.”

Coach Kim has always taken on challenges with confidence. He also showed the ability to overcome missing players with tactics. This is why attention is focused on how Pohang, which he is creating, will appear.

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