“Everyone gathers at 4:40!”… Special class for the national team has begun 

On the 15th, the baseball team players gathered in Tucson, Arizona, USA, and received one tablet PC each. In it, the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) contains the contents of the analysis of the opposing teams’ powers collected so far. On the first day of training, catcher Yang Eui-ji said, “As soon as I arrived, I got a tablet and looked roughly at opponent teams such as Japan. He said, “I will look closely at the names and the like and analyze them.”

On the 18th, the team’s first rest day, the KBO’s power analysis team arrived in Tucson. National team coach Lee Kang-cheol said on the first day of training, “You have to see and learn, but it is difficult to input by just listening. Every day before dinner, we plan to upload a video for about 30 minutes, watch and listen together, and analyze 스포츠토토the players of the opposing country.”

Kim Jun-gi, a power analyst who has analyzed the opposing teams to face in the first round of Group B, such as Australia and Japan, and Oh Jun-hyung, a video and data analysis agent dispatched from KIA, started the first briefing against the players from the 19th (local time on the evening of the 18th). . The players all gathered at 4:40 pm after returning to their lodgings after training that day and listened to the power analysis briefing.

The main ‘target’ is, of course, Australia. The national team has already been preparing for the first goal of winning against Australia, the first opponent of the first round, since the final entry was formed. After playing against Australia on March 9, there is a game against Japan on the 10th, the very next day. After that, Korea, which plays against China and the Czech Republic, will decide whether to pass the first round through the first two matches. Two teams from each group can advance to the quarterfinals. In Group B, it is a battle between Japan, Korea and Australia, so if we do not win against Australia, we will have to play against Japan in a very difficult situation.

Lee Jung-hoo also said, “It is definitely Australia. From the first power analysis meeting, the Australian analysis begins. Australia changed their entry, and four left-handers came in. (There are many left-handed hitters) I heard that it was conscious of us,” he said. “I think Australia must win. I will prepare thoroughly,” he said.

It is the second time since 2019, when the 2nd Premier 12 was held, that the KBO Secretariat distributed power analysis data and video data to the national team players on a tablet PC. Coach Lee Kang-cheol also emphasizes the importance of analyzing the opponent, so the analysis of the national team’s power this time is being done more closely.

Head coach Lee Kang-cheol, who has visited the Australian league and observed the opposing players, said, “Australia seems to be looking at the game with us as a winning match. There are no active major league players in Australia, but there are about 10 from Triple A. It’s a short game, so you can’t be careless. I will prepare well,” he said.

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