“Everyone grows like that”… The junior who lowered his head at the mistake of ‘Samurai Manru’, the senior who quietly tapped on the shoulder

 “I grew up like that…”

On the 16th, Jamsil Stadium in Seoul. Lee Jae-won (24) of the LG Twins made a fatal mistake. LG was winning 4-2 against the Doosan Bears in the top of the 6th inning. In the midst of a safety crisis, Doosan Kang Seung-ho’s batted ball rolled toward the first baseman.메이저사이트

First baseman Lee Jae-won ran forward and tried to catch the ball, but made a catch error. In the end, all runners are safe. Doosan followed by one point.

A fatal mistake that led to a loss. Lee Jae-won could not lift his head right after the mistake. Then second baseman Kim Min-seong (35) approached and tapped Lee Jae-won on the shoulder.

After Lee Jae-won’s mistake, LG even gave up a tie score. However, LG won 7-4 after twists and turns and took the first game of the weekend series. Lee Jae-won was also able to relieve some of the burden on his heart.

After the game, Kim Min-seong talked about the meaning of consolation to Lee Jae-won. Kim Min-seong explained, “It was a difficult situation, and (Lee) Jae-won did not specialize in first baseman.

He also expressed his wish for the growth of his juniors. Kim Min-seong said, “That’s how I become a good player. I grew up like that, and all players are like that. I hope I prepare well and do well.”

Right after the mistake, Lee Jae-Won was replaced with Jung Joo-Hyun, the main defense, and came out of the ground. A moment when a young player had no choice but to think a lot. Kim Min-seong left another word of encouragement.

Kim Min-seong said, “You have to manage your mental well. If you blame yourself and fall into it, you can’t get out of it. If you reset while thinking good things, you will definitely grow into a player.”

In addition, he said, “This part of baseball is difficult. I play every day and make mistakes, but I think I will become a good player and a strong player depending on how well I organize it. Jaewon has a good mentality, so I think he will do well.” I waited for the rebound of the late juniors.

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