Excluding the 1st team camp, men in crisis… Will the 2nd group create a twist?

The season of spring camp has come. KBO League 1st team spring camps usually have a large number of 40 or more people per team. It consists of major core forces and promising prospects. Since there are 28 first-team entries, if you do not make the spring camp list, you will be one step behind from the start of the competition. Except for injuries or other special reasons, excluding the 1st team camp means that the power is subordinated. 카지노

Among the players who did not make it to the first team camp this year, there are many veteran players who once played an active role as the main axis of each team. You have to accept the cold reality and prepare with strong determination in the second team to save the first team opportunity. 

Samsung outfielders Kim Dong-yeop and Kim Heon-gon, whose annual salaries were cut by 60 million won each, are most desperately needed. Kim Dong-yeop, who hit 20 homers in 2020 and led the Samsung batting line, has reduced the number of first-team appearances to 69 and 30 over the past two years. Kim Heon-gon also had the worst season last year with a batting average of 10% (.192) and gave up his free agency rights. If he fails to rebound this year in the trend of generation change, he may lose his place in the second group. 

Lee Cheon-woong, who played a key role in LG’s outfield, also missed the first-team camp. Lee Cheon-woong, who had the best season in 2019 with a batting average of 30% (.308) in the regulation at bat, continued to reduce the number of first-team appearances from 2020 to 89, 68, and 19 over the past three years. Since LG’s outfield resources are so abundant, there were few opportunities for the first team. Last year, even in the second team, his batting average was only .222 in 37 games. This year, we have to show competitiveness starting from camp. 

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