First professional appearance against KIA in his hometown of Gwangju, Hanwha’s ‘future’ Dong-ju Moon, I’m curious about the next step.

This time, he faces KIA in his hometown of Gwangju.

Moon Dong-ju (20), the “Future” of the Hanwha Eagles, who broke a three-game losing streak in the opening season, will appear for the second time in the season. On the 12th, he will start against the KIA Tigers in Gwangju. After making his first mound against the Daegu Samsung Lions on the 6th, he will take a 5-day break before climbing the mound.

In his first game, he pitched close to perfection. 토토사이트The team was on a losing streak, so the pressure was heavy, but we overcame it with courage. Up to the 5th inning, he pitched a perfect pitch with one hit and no runs and won the starter.

After overcoming the crisis with 2 companies 1 and 2 in the first episode, he continued his perfect pitch. After ending the first inning by treating Oh Jae-il as a floating ball in left field, he hit 13 batters in a row until the 5th inning. He gave up one sand dune with no walks and struck out four. Of his 70 total pitches, 44 were strikes.

The highest speed of the fastball reached 159 km/h. He overwhelms the Samsung lineup with a fast ball and a big drop curve. He said, “I’m more satisfied with not giving up walks than restraints.” In the first match of his second year as a pro, Dong-Joo Moon was powerful.

With Moon Dong-joo’s good pitching at the forefront, Hanwha won 8-1 and succeeded in escaping from losing streak.

Coach Carlos Subero said on the 11th, “I was able to throw up to 80 in the last game, but I stopped at 70. I am planning 90-95 for the game on the 12th.”

Last year, which was his debut season, Moon Dong-ju was out of the game due to two injuries. This year, management is being carried out at the club level.

He appeared in 13 games last year and pitched 28⅔ innings. However, he has never had the experience of dealing with KIA in the regular season or in an exhibition game. It is his first professional appearance before KIA.

Moon Dong-ju is from Gwangju and graduated from Jinheung High School in Gwangju. I am looking forward to what kind of pitching he will show in his hometown, Gwangju.

Hanwha, who was in the middle of three consecutive losses, won 5-4 after a bloody game in the 10th overtime on the 11th. It was the first win in four games this season. Provisional starter Nam Ji-min revealed the future with a good pitching of 5 scoreless innings. If Moon Dong-ju continues the good atmosphere, a rebound is possible. The best picture emerges.

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