Former SK coach Hillman returns to Asian baseball, returns after 16 years as Nippon Ham consultant

Former SK Wyverns coach Trey Hillman (60) has returned to Asian baseball. The Nippon Ham Fighters of the Nippon Professional Baseball announced on the 10th that they had signed a consultant contract with former coach Hillman. After 16 years, they will reconnect with Nippon Ham. Last season, he worked as a training coach for the Los Angeles Angels.

Join the team from spring camp in February. It is the role of advising foreign players and coach staff while being in charge of scouting foreign players.

He said, “It is an honor to return to the Fighters like my hometown. I am grateful to Nippon Ham for giving me a good opportunity. I will help with the experience and knowledge I have accumulated so far for the club and fans.”

Former manager Hillman rose to the Nippon Ham headquarters in 2003 at the age of 40. He was the youngest manager in Japanese professional baseball at the time. He had a career as a head coach for 5 years until 2007. 스포츠토토

In 2006, the Nippon Hams finished first in the Pacific League. They defeated the Softbank Hawks and won the championship. It was Nippon Ham’s first championship after moving from Tokyo to Sapporo in 2004, and it was their first league championship in 25 years. Driven by momentum, he defeated the Chunichi Dragons and lifted the Japan Series championship trophy. It was the first Japan Series victory in 44 years.

Nippon Ham coach Suyoshi Shinzo (50) and general manager Atsunori Inaba (51) were the winning members at the time. Nippon Ham also won the championship in 2007 and achieved their second consecutive league title. Former manager Hillman recorded 351 wins, 14 draws, and 324 losses in 689 matches in Japanese professional baseball.

His success in Japanese professional baseball led him to the major leagues. He took over as manager of the Kansas City Royals in 2008, but was fired during the 2010 season due to poor performance.

After coaching the Los Angeles Dodgers and Houston Astros, he became SK’s command tower at the end of 2016. He left the team in 2018 after leading SK to victory in the Korean Series. He is the only manager who has ever won a championship in Korean and Japanese professional baseball.

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