K5 League Championship winning team Gimhae Jaemix successfully completed the overseas exchange match in Vietnam.

Gimhae Jaemix won the 2022 K5 League Championship and was selected as the selection team for the overseas exchange match of the Korea Football Association. The K5 League winning team is given the opportunity to play an exchange match with an overseas team as a privilege, but the overseas exchange match has been suspended for the past two years due to the Corona 19 issue. As the overseas exchange exhibition resumed this year, Gimhae Jamix participated as a representative of the K5 League.

Gimhae Jaemix left for Hanoi, Vietnam on December 10th. In the first match, they beat the Vietnamese Hanoi Korean Football Association 6-0, and in the second match, they defeated the Vietnamese professional team Viettel’s under-19 (U-19) team 3-1. Gimhae Jaemix returned home on the morning of the 15th after finishing their 4 nights and 6 days schedule.

Gimhae Jaemix Kim Bu-gwan, who won the MVP at the 2022 K5 League Championship, was also an ace in this Vietnam exchange match. He appeared in both matches, scoring 2 goals and 1 assist. Kim Bu-gwan considered experience more important than victory or defeat. 안전놀이터

Kim Bu-gwan said, “Our team members are members of society, not professional players. I prepared for the Vietnam Overseas Exchange Exhibition with a comfortable mind. It was important for him to play games, but since he came as a member of the winning team of the K5 League Championship, it was also important to build memories. The K5 League season is over, so I went with a happy heart.”

“I was able to achieve good results thanks to the preparation of the schedule for the overseas exchange match by the Korea Football Association. Accommodation and transportation were both comfortable. It was a very satisfying exchange,” he said. “It is a definite motivation. I went abroad as a K5 champion, so I played the game with the mindset not to be embarrassed.”