‘Golden Boy’ Ko Jae-hyeon-‘My older brother’ Edgar… Expected Daegu’s new chemistry

There are signs of a new chemistry in Daegu FC.

Daegu acquired Edgar in the winter transfer market. Edgar, who suffered an Achilles tendon injury in March last year, returned to Brazil for rehabilitation after the contract was terminated, and after one season through Daegu, he returned to K-League 1. Although he is older than two years ago, Edgar, who has strengths in the post play based on his height, is still a player who can provide a good option for Daegu. Coach Won-kwon Choi also 메이저놀이터 welcomed Edgar’s return, saying that Edgar could add sharpness to Daegu’s counterattack.

There were more people who welcomed Edgar. It is Go Jae-hyun. At the 2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp held on the evening of the 1st, Ko Jae-hyun said, “Edgar can be of great help in our counterattack process with his provisional rights. So I am really happy that Edgar has returned to the team. Rather than thinking that a competitor has come, it is because of Edgar. “I thought that I would be able to show my play better. If Edgar protects the ball and connects, I will be able to run into space. I am looking forward to a good ‘chemistry’ with Edgar.”

Edgar, who conducted the interview afterward, said, “When I first came to Korea, Ko Jae-hyun had a slim physique, and he rented often, so I didn’t have many opportunities to work with him. Thanks to Ko Jae-hyun, I think we can create a lot of threatening situations for the opponent. If we match better in that situation, I think the team will be able to score more goals.”

Then, Edgar laughed, saying, “After seeing his performance last season, I am calling Jaehyun Ko the ‘Golden Boy’.” While telling this story to Ko Jae-hyeon, Ko Jae-hyeon asked Edgar what he said when he called him. Ko Jae-hyun raised his thumb and replied, “My hyung, I call you my hyung.”

‘Golden Boy’ Ko Jae-hyeon and ‘My Brother’ Edgar are a highly anticipated combination. Edgar has strength in the post play, and Ko Jae-hyeon’s sense of scoring, including the movement to find and enter space, has improved dramatically over the past season. Here, there is even a strong helper called Sejingya. As Ko Jae-hyun said, in the 2023 season, we look forward to Daegu’s sharp counterattack scene, in which Edgar holds out and Ko Jae-hyun jumps in.

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