Gwangju-Daegu Asian Games restart… Concern still exists


city of Gwangju is pushing ahead with the joint bid for the Gwangju-Daegu Asian Games, which was blocked by the council for reasons such as a lack of public debate.

The feasibility was emphasized due to the ripple effect of the competition and the securing of social infrastructure, but there are still concerns about the enormous budget investment.

This is reporter Park Ji-sung’s report.


Summer Asian Games, a great festival for 4.6 billion Asians!

Gwangju City sought parliamentary consent to host the 2038 Games jointly with Daegu last October, but it was put on hold.

This is because the Congress judged that the public deliberation process and the validity of the opinion poll were not properly conducted.

As a result of the public opinion poll conducted again after a supplementary process, 72% of the respondents agreed to host the bid, a drop of nearly 20 percentage points from the first survey, and the answer that they were aware of the joint bid fell from 61.3% to 22%.

The city of Gwangju emphasized the necessity of attracting public opinion, saying that the positive public opinion is still high and the tangible and intangible effects of East-West harmony are great.

[Soundbite] Cho In-hyung(Senior Researcher, Gwangju Jeonnam Research Institute) : “There was a part about promoting exchanges, and then we considered the aspect of bringing the Dalbit high-speed rail early.”]

The problem is the economic burden.

The budget for the competition, including the construction of the complex gym and the cost of renovating the stadium, exceeds 1 trillion won.메이저사이트

At least 40% of this, or 450 billion won, must be borne by both Gwangju and Daegu local governments.

[Soundbite] Lee Gwi-soon(Vice-Chairman, Gwangju City Council) : “I think the cost burden from both cities was also the least minimal in my opinion. As the competition progresses, more budget will be needed.

” Amid the same concerns, Gwangju City plans to seek consent from the Assembly again next week.

Gwangju city restarts to co-host the 2038 Asian Games!

There are many mountains to overcome.

This is Park Ji-sung from KBS News.

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