“Half-moon smile X99 rabbit” Kim Min-seon’s era “I’m a happy skater, I want to win first place in all remaining competitions!

“Black Rabbit, since my year is back, can’t I show you a better side of me?”

Born in 1999 in the year of the rabbit, ‘Shin Ice Empress’ Kim Min-seon (24, Uijeongbu City Hall) is one of the most anticipated sports stars in 2023. After the retirement of Lee Sang-hwa (34), the ‘Emperor of Ice’, a fierce player appeared who succeeded the golden genealogy that was unlikely to be seen. A sprinter representing the ‘MZ generation’ who is fast and smart, with a ‘cute and lively’ appearance like a rabbit, and Lee Sang-hwa, who calls him ‘little boy’ and cherishes him, this season’s progress is phenomenal. In the 2022-2023 season, the International Skating Union (ISU) Speed ​​Skating World Cup 1st to 4th competition women’s 500m swept first place, as well as the Four Continents Championships, as well as the US Race Placid Winter Universiade, where they participated for the first time in the new year, winning three gold medals (500m, 1000m, mixed relay) ), the entire competition is golden.

▶7th at the Beijing Olympics → 4th consecutive World Cup win ‘World’s No. 1’

Kim Min-seon broke the world junior record of 37.78 seconds in women’s 500m at the 4th ISU World Cup in Salt Lake, USA in December 2017 when she was 18 years old, set by Lee Sang-hwa in 2007. broken in She was noticed as a ‘post-idealization’. However, her fight on the ice was not always like her heart. She finished 16th at her first Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, where she competed at age 19, and suffered two of the most difficult years of her athletic career after suffering a back injury. She gritted her teeth and she finished seventh at the Beijing Olympics in February last year. And last November, she began her stormy reversal. She took her first place at the first World Cup of the season, and since then she has put on a ‘strength race’ in which she never gives up the top.

At the 4th ISU World Cup held in Calgary, Canada on December 17 last year (Korean time), Kim Min-sun won the women’s 500m with a time of 36 seconds 96, breaking her personal best. She cut 0.12 seconds off her personal best (36 seconds 972), which she broke in the third event just a week ago, and came close to her senior, Lee Sang-hwa’s world record (36 seconds 36, 2013) by 0.6 seconds. . She defeated both ‘Beijing Gold Medal’ Erin Jackson (USA) and ‘Silver Medal’ Miho Takagi (Japan), and sprinted around the top of the world rankings with her fourth consecutive World Cup victory. For the first and last time in her life, she also set her goal at the Winter Universiade, winning gold medals in the 500 and 1000m as well as winning first place in the mixed relay and winning three gold medals.

Kim Min-seon laughed, saying, “I prepared equally hard for this season, but the process piled up and it seems that my potential (potential) this season has exploded. There is no special secret other than steady hard work.” Jegal Seong-ryeol, director of Uijeongbu City Hall, also commented, “It may seem like it came up overnight, but it is the result of rigorous preparation over the past four years.” He looked back and said, “I finished third (the first medal in my senior debut) at the last World Cup last March. It was the beginning of an upward trend.”

▶ The secret of the reversal of the half-moon eye smile, the super-rising rise?

A girl with a lovely half-moon eye smile turns into a warrior who can’t be defeated once she enters the rink. Director Jegal hinted, “Min Seon shed tears twice in Pyeongchang and Beijing. The resentment and anger were enormous.” He said, “‘I will do it’ is a great athlete. The moment he puts on his skates, his eyes change.” Kim Min-seon himself admitted that he was a ‘dog breed’. “I have a competitive spirit. Since I was young, I really hated losing. After losing, I cried a lot. There is a particularly strong part when I exercise. So I think I can continue to improve.”바카라사이트

It is possible to win a championship once in a while, but it is never easy to win four consecutive World Cups in the women’s 500m sprint. Kim Min-seon laughed, saying, “Honestly, I didn’t expect it either.” “She gained confidence after seeing her record after placing first in the first or second consecutive competitions, and she became greedy to want to finish first in all remaining competitions,” she confided. Coach Jegal also added meaning, “I was also surprised. In the women’s ice world, consecutive victories are among the top three, Lee Sang-hwa, Kodaira Nao, and Kim Min-sun.”

Effort does not run away. The secret weapon ‘hybrid training’ is bearing fruit. Due to a back injury, maximum strength and maximum power training cannot be performed. While increasing speed and endurance through mid-to-long distance training, he focused on efficiently sharing small amounts of power through skating techniques. Overcome the disadvantage of starting this season with a back heart in the second half of the race’

Kim Min-sun’s style is completely different from the ‘senior’ Lee Sang-hwa. If Lee Sang-hwa won with powerful speed, flame-like spurts, and innate strength comparable to that of male players, Kim Min-sun has a style that overturns the game with explosive back-and-forth and cornering skills. Kim Min-seon is also clearly aware of her strengths and weaknesses. “It’s my forte to get up to speed in the second half and accelerate out of corners,” he admits.

For Kim Min-sun, a growth player, the weakness is potential. Kim Min-seon’s first 100m section record was 10 seconds and 40s. In the case of Lee Sang-hwa, he recorded 10:34 in the 100m at the time of the gold medal at the Vancouver Olympics, 10:17 at the time of the gold medal at the Sochi Olympics, and 10:09 at the time of the world record ’36:36′. Arithmetically, if Kim Min-sun can reduce 0.3 seconds in the first 100m, a world record and an Olympic gold medal are possible.

▶ ’99 Year of the Rabbit’ Min-seon Kim’s New Year’s resolution

This season, Min-sun Kim has a new nickname that she likes a lot: ‘God Empress Under Ice’. She said, “She is more proud and happy than the ‘second idealization’. I feel good because she proved that Kim Min-sun exists in speed skating.” When asked what her ultimate goal as an athlete was, she replied outspokenly, “Olympic gold medal and world record.” She said, “I am breaking through the goals I set one by one. She set a personal best of 36 firsts in the World Cup, and the next is a world record,” she said, aiming at the world record of senior Lee Sang-hwa. She said, “Sanghwa unnie’s record of 36 seconds and 36 is a really great record. I don’t think it’s a record that can be easily challenged and easily broken.” was

Kim Min-sun, who shook off her injuries and trials and rose to the top of the world, nodded her head at the word “happy skater.” She said, “She has never regretted it. There were difficult and difficult times, but she went through it well, so she came this far, and she has been riding happily ever since. I want to continue to do so in the future.” The 2022-2023 season is just the beginning of a four-year journey to Milan, and her best moments are yet to come. “I don’t think now is the best,” Min-sun Kim said, “The 2026 Milan-Cortina Olympics” is also the best moment in her life.

Kim Min-seon, born in 1999, laughed, saying, “Rabbit, my year is back, so can’t I show you a better image? A year I’m very looking forward to.” He said, “I will try to win the 5th World Cup (February 10-12), the World Cup Final (February 18-19), and the World Championships (March 2-5) for the rest of the season.”

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