He made his first-team debut as a starting pitcher in the opening game… Born in 2002, Yamashita 8 wins-ERA 1.49, ‘monster’ Sasaki-Yamamoto 3rd year threatening

The Orix Buffaloes, who topped the Japan Series last year, are cruising this year as well. He swept the last three games against the Softbank Hawks in the first half and started the second half with first place in the Pacific League. In the first game of the second half on the 22nd, he won the Nippon Ham Fighters in the bottom of the 9th inning. It was the first among 12 teams in both leagues of the Japanese professional baseball league to reach 50 wins. On the 23rd, they won 7-5 and pushed Nippon Ham to a 12-game losing streak.

The gap has widened with Chiba Lotte Marines and Softbank, which have been fiercely competing for rankings. It is the sole lead, 3 games ahead of Chiba Lotte in 2nd place and 8 games ahead of 3rd place Softbank. Softbank lost to Chiba Lotte on the 22nd, and fell into a 10-game losing streak without a draw for the first time since the team was founded.

Orix right-hander Shunpei Yamashita (21) started the final game of the first half against Softbank on the 17th and recorded two hits and no runs in seven innings. He led the team to a 3-0 win, his 8th win of the season and his 8th career victory. Chiba Lotte’s “Monster Pitcher” Sasaki Loki (22) is 2nd in most wins, one win more.

1st pick in the 2021 draft. I rewrote the history of Japanese professional baseball this season. A pitcher without a first-team appearance record started the regular season opener. This is the first time since the Japanese professional baseball was launched in 1950 that it was divided into two leagues, the Pacific League and the Central League.

As strong “one-two punches” Yoshinobu Yamamoto (25) and Hiroya Miyagi (22) returned from participating in the WBC (World Baseball Classic) and had time to reorganize, the opportunity to start the opening game came. In the demonstration game, he recorded an average ERA of 2.35 with 8 hits and 23 strikeouts in 15⅓ innings, receiving the attention of the bench.

Yamashita threw 4 hits, 7 strikeouts, 1 walk and 1 run in 5⅓ innings in the opening match against the Seibu Lions on March 31. The highest speed of his fastball came up to 157 km. Although he failed to post a win in his debut match, he laid a stepping stone to the team’s 3-2 victory.

He is second only in the number of wins following team senior Yoshinobu Yamamoto (25), who won 9 wins in his 3rd year as a professional first-team debut season. As for the average ERA, Yamashita (1.49) is better than senior Yamamoto (1.74). If you fill the required innings (85 innings), you are second in this category after Sasaki (1.48).

Yamashita struck out 77 while pitching 72⅔innings. He is averaging 9.54 per 9 innings. He placed 7th in this category.

Orix is ​​equipped with a powerful starting lineup. Four starting pitchers are in the top 5 for most wins. Yay with Ace Yamamoto온라인카지노

Masita is 1st and 2nd, Sachiya Yamasaki (7 wins) is tied for 3rd place, and Miyagi (6 wins) is tied for 5th place.

He is a 1-4 starter that all coaches would envy. Four of these four, excluding Yamasaki (31), are young guns in their mid-twenties.

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