‘Heavyweight signboard’ Kim Min-jong, selected as the 2022 judo best player

‘Heavyweight signboard’ Kim Min-jong (Yongin University, Yangpyeong-gun Office) was selected as the best player of the 2022 Korea Judo Conference.

The Korean Judo Association held the 4th board of directors meeting on the 14th and selected 56 people and 10 organizations, including excellent players, leaders, referees, and meritorious persons in 2022. decided.

Kim Min-jong, who has established himself as the undisputed No. 1 player in the +100kg class, the highest weight class, after going through Boseong High School in Seoul and Yongin University, which are prestigious in judo, joined Yangpyeong-gun Office, a ‘new powerhouse’ this year.

In addition, the Outstanding Athlete Award also includes Hyeonji Yoon and Kim Ha-yoon (Above Ansan City Hall), who both won gold medals in the 2022 Portugal Grand Prix in the women’s 78kg and +78kg class, and Lee Jun-hwan (Yongin University), who won the Tbilisi Grand Slam and Ulaanbaatar Grand Slam competitions. ), world championship bronze medalist Ahn Paul (Namyangju City Hall) was selected.

In addition to these, Moon Gyu-seon (Kyonggi University), Park Jun-hyeon, Jang Se-yoon, Kim Min-ju, Jeon Seung-beom, Park Min-tak, Lim Ji-hyeok, and Kim Min-soo (Yongin University), who won various international competitions, and Bae Seul-bi (Namyangju Geumgok Middle School) and Park Seong-hyun (Geumgok High School), who showed outstanding skills in domestic competitions. ) is also awarded the Outstanding Player Award. 온라인카지노

Meanwhile, the male and female middle school Incheon Songdo Middle School, Gyeonggi Weight, and Yongin University male and female teams were selected, and four coaches, Bae Sang-gil (Song Do Middle School), Park Jong-won (Gyeonggi Weight Loss), Lee Won-hee, and Kim Chan-woo (Yongin University), were awarded the Guidance Award. was awarded Lee Jong-myeong, secretary general of the Gyeonggi Judo Association, receives the achievement award.

Cho Yong-cheol, president of Korea Judo, said, “Last year, our judo achieved good results in various international competitions despite the Corona 19 situation, and many promising players were discovered and saw hope. I congratulate the players and coaches who were selected as winners,” he said. “As there is the Hangzhou Asian Games this year and the Paris Olympics next year, we will work together with all judoists to provide an opportunity for Korean judo to take a new leap forward.”

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