‘How much do you want to hit’ A 6.5 billion free agent catcher who held the bat upside down and hit..’One hit is so hard’

‘Coach, I want to hit better’ The 6.5 billion free agent hitter who had not recorded a hit as the 4th hitter in the opening game held the bat upside down the next day and practiced batting.

Suwon KT Wiz Park on the 1st, where the professional baseball opening match between KT Wiz and LG Twins was held. Coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop started Park Dong-won as the fourth hitter catcher. In response to the appointment of the fourth hitter who broke everyone’s expectations, coach Yeom expressed his anticipation, saying, “The batting is much better than Dongwon’s I thought.”

The result was a failure. KT starter Benjamin’s strong pitch, 토토사이트Park Dong-won failed to hit with a third baseman grounder, a shortstop grounder, or a third baseman grounder. In the end, LG also lost 11-6.

The next day, Park Dong-won, who started as catcher for the 6th batter, was the only one in the LG starting lineup to not hit until the 8th inning. The bat that he swung with determination went into the KT fielder’s glove.

Before the match, Park Dong-won trained with a tennis ball instead of a baseball. I also held the bat upside down and tried to fit the tennis ball precisely on the thin surface between the knob and the handle.

As a training method that requires a high degree of concentration, if a tennis ball with good repulsive force does not hit the thin surface exactly, it will bounce, so the hitter must see the ball to the end and hit it.

Batting training conducted according to the command of Chief Kim Jeong-jun. Even while holding the bat upside down, Park Dong-won sent the tennis ball in the desired direction with a precise blow.

Park Dong-won, who wanted to learn even one more thing, endlessly asked questions to battery coach Park Gyeong-wan and chief Kim Jeong-joon even after the training was over.

Park Dong-won’s bat was finally silent in a situation where all starters could record a hit if the beast girl hits coolly. In the end, the game went to overtime for both teams. At the end of the 11th inning, Park Dong-won pulled KT Park Young-hyeon’s second 149km fastball as hard as he could and scored his first hit of the season in 9 at-bats.

Park Dong-won, who ran vigorously to first base, exchanged high-fives with coach Lee Jong-beom and was replaced by runner Song Chan-eui. Thanks to a hit by Park Dong-won, the lead hitter who opened the way, LG succeeded in turning around with a squeeze bunt by Lee Cheon-woong, a pinch hitter with 1 company, 2nd and 3rd base, and finally won by 1 point.

When you are lucky, it is baseball to get a hit even when the bat breaks, but for Park Dong-won, who tried to hit somehow in a new uniform, the 11th overtime hit that day was special.

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