“I feel like Suwon is my hometown, so I am confident that I can do better”… KT Romantic Ace, who returned after 435 days, is getting scarier in the future

“I am happy to come back to KT and happy that the team won. The biggest gain is that the arms are in good shape.”

Foreign player William Cuevas, who comes to mind when you think of KT, is back. In 2021, Kuevas, the main player in KT’s unified victory, wore a KT uniform instead of Vosulseo, who left due to poor performance.메이저놀이터

While at KT, Cuevas played an active part in 82 games, 33 wins, 23 losses, and an average ERA of 3.89. Cuevas stood on the KBO mound 435 days after the Hanwha Eagles match on April 8 last year. It has been 442 days since the Samsung match on April 1, 2022, that it has stood on the KT Wizpark mound again.

The KT club and KT fans prepared several events for the returning Cuevas. The club made and played a video of Cuevas’ performance until the 2021 season, and also screened a video message from fans. In addition, Cuevas cheering clappers were provided to the spectators in the designated seats for first base cheering.

Fans supporting Cuevas sent coffee trucks. Athletes, employees, and club officials prepared for the game while eating delicious drinks.

Before the game, Cuevas said, “I am very grateful to the club and fans for their hospitality, such as arranging events and sending coffee trucks. Even though I came back after a long time, I feel the affection of Korea (Suwon) once again because you treat me like family.”

On this day, Cuevas recorded 4.2 innings, 5 hits, 1 walk, 3 strikeouts and 3 runs. He was clean except for five innings, and his best speed was up to 150km. Although he didn’t become a winning pitcher as he failed to fill the fifth inning, he was able to smile as the team won on the day of his comeback.

KT coach Lee Kang-cheol also showed satisfaction, saying, “Although the starting pitcher Cuevas has been on the mound for a long time, he led the early game well and pitched satisfactorily.”

After the game, Cuevas said, “I am happy to be back at KT and happy that the team won. I’m still tired after taking a long flight since last week, but I don’t want to make excuses.”

He continued, “The biggest harvest from pitching on this day is that I confirmed that my arm was in good condition. He is confident that he will do better in the future than he did today. He wants to be healthy until the end of the season, and he wants to become a pitcher who can help the team win and advance to the playoffs.”

On that day, 14,935 fans who visited KT Wiz Park cheered for Cuevas’ return by chanting his name.

He said, “I am grateful to the fans who welcomed me with tea and coffee. Thanks to that, Suwon KT felt like my hometown. I can’t reply to all the messages you send, but I hope you know that the Cuevas family (his wife and two sons) are all grateful to the fans.”

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