I grabbed each and prepared… ‘Covering details’ into Lotte, is it still unreasonable?

 I really thought I had prepared properly. So-called ‘grab each’ and prepared. Is it still unreasonable to put details on Lotte Giants baseball?

Lotte is on a five-game losing streak. 카지노사이트We are staying at a record of 1 win, 6 losses and 1 draw. It can be dismissed as an exhibition game, but with the regular season imminent, the situation of a team that has not been on the right track in both pitching and offense can be worrisome. 

However, the pitching staff is in the process of finding pitching balance until the regular season rather than immediate results, and the batting cycle should come up in line with the regular season. It would be nice if victory followed, but now is the time to put more emphasis on the process than the result.

The process of this period is to check the parts that have been trained with emphasis throughout the winter, including basic skills. Throughout the spring camp, Lotte made an effort to apply details such as defense and base running to the entire team and sweated more than ever. The field and the entire club united in unity, so this year, Lotte Baseball risked life and death to strengthen the basics, refine the details, and coat them with the team color. The greatest amount of training in the spring camp was Lotte’s desperate struggle to reach the goal. 

However, the process and results of efforts are not revealed at all. Details still haven’t been put on. Not only is the overall performance not impressive, but Lotte’s unique dull and sloppy baseball, which has not changed much from the past, continues. Lotte’s lack of detail was evident in the Daegu Samsung match on the 21st. 

Samsung made 4 mistakes, but Lotte also made 3 mistakes. Center fielder Ahn Kwon-soo missed Lee Seong-gyu’s front line drive hit in the 5th inning, providing an excuse for an additional run. In the 6th inning, Go Seung-min, who was training as a first baseman, missed Kim Jae-sung’s assault grounder. He couldn’t get his glove on and got hit in the leg. It can be seen as a process of trial and error in the process of converting to first base, but it was clear that the team’s play was far from the goal of emphasizing the details. 

And at the beginning of the 8th inning, An Chi-hong’s left fielder’s sacrifice fly at 1st, 1st and 3rd base ended the inning due to Nu’s fault. Ahn Chi-hong’s batted ball flew to the left field. The runner on third was good enough to home. However, Yoon Dong-hee, who was the runner on first base, had already stepped on second base while looking at the position of the batted ball. After confirming that the batted ball was caught, he had to step on second base and return to first base again, but Dong-hee Yoon did not step on second base and headed straight across the ground to first base. Due to Samsung’s appeal play, Yoon Dong-hee was out.

Basic skills and details were Lotte’s weaknesses, and it wasn’t that they didn’t make efforts to fill the details in the past. However, it did not work every time, and the period of being unable to be called a strong team was prolonged. He was confident that this year, when he had to produce results, would be different, and emphasized that it should be different. However, the current process is not very satisfactory. Will Lotte’s long-cherished task of ‘dressing the details’ fail again this year? Or is the current trial and error a stepping stone to become a strong team?

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