“I hope juniors will take my place”… The real inner thoughts of the wizard corps ‘the best + claim’

“(Kt Wiz second baseman) is the point where someone has to appear.”

KT captain and oldest Park Kyung-soo (39) started as the 7th hitter and second baseman in the NC Dinos match of the ‘2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League’ held at Suwon kt Wiz Park on the 2nd.

On this day, Park Kyung-soo contributed to the team’s 5-0 victory by going 3-for-2 with 2 hits and 1 run. He left a mark and decorated a page in the team’s history. Hitting coach Yuhan-Jun Yu surpassed the 772 hits set by kt and hit the 773rd, becoming the team’s all-time leading hitter. It is a record made by playing steadily after wearing the kt uniform with a free agent (FA) contract in 2015.

Park Kyung-soo, who we met after the game, answered his record with a smile. “I feel good, but I don’t think it means much. There are many juniors, and I think it’s a record that will be broken soon. I think it will be good. But there are many good juniors, so I think juniors will hit more.”

Park Kyung-soo is increasingly decorating the last page of his career. After his professional debut in 2003, he went through LG Twins and kt and became a pro in his 19th year. Since his last year, he has given his place to his juniors such as Oh Yoon-seok (31). This year, he is alternately starting as second baseman along with Lee Ho-yeon (28), who was traded with Oh Yoon-seok.

Park Kyung-soo said, “I have no choice but to do that in my current position. (Lee) Ho-yeon showed a better performance after being traded. Personally, I am comfortable now. It is very difficult to keep going. It was the same today (2nd).” talked

“It’s the time when someone (as kt second baseman) has to appear, and I personally admit it. I want to give the same feeling as whether I will put in. (Regarding the feeling of hitting) I am not very shaken,” he added.

As Park Kyung-soo said, it is time for someone to take a position as kt second baseman. Since Park Kyung-soo cannot keep that place forever, from Oh Yoon-seok and Lee Ho-yeon to rookies Ryu Hyeon-in (23) and Son Min-seok (19), they must serve as the second base of the future magician corps.

That’s why Park Kyung-soo sincerely hopes that ‘Post Park Kyung-soo’ will come out as soon as possible. He is looking forward to a heartwarming picture in which his juniors raise their skills and naturally become a generational change. “(The idea that juniors should take my place) is huge. I really love this team and I am one of those people who want to do well. If someone appears as soon as possible, why don’t you trust the juniors and relax? Because they are players, I hope they can explode their strengths and become good players. Whoever they are…”온라인카지노

Finally, Park Kyung-soo said, “(After setting the team record) I didn’t know that the congratulatory message would be played on the electronic board. I was honestly surprised that it was a team record, not a KBO record. Even so, I was very grateful. Thank you for caring about this… the fans. I heard everyone’s shouts, so I thought I had to do better,” he said. “There are (still) many fans who have been there since the beginning of the last year. One heart was big,” he said, thanking the fans.

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