“I want to stop stealing kings, I want to win GG” Park Chan-ho’s declaration of determination, best shortstop Jeong Jo-jun

 “I want a Golden Glove”.

KIA Tigers infielder Park Chan-ho (27), who returned from an injury, showed his determination to win the Golden Glove. 

Park Chan-ho made his body in the rehabilitation 카지노사이트group due to left wrist pain after finishing the 1st spring camp in Arizona. He was absent from the Okinawa 2nd camp and his exhibition game also took the first week off. 

He joined the first team prior to the Gwangju exhibition game against the LG Twins on the 20th. As a runner in the 8th inning on this day, he stepped on second base during the opponent’s wild throw and stepped home when Kim Ho-ryeong hit the ball. He laughed after the game, saying, “I’m a big runner with an annual salary of 200 million won.” 

Even without Park Chan-ho, there was no big gap. In the actual game and demonstration game in Okinawa, Kim Do-young, an unfinished genius in his second year, mainly played as a shortstop and wielded a swinger. He had a batting average of 4.17 in exhibition games alone. Kim Gyu-seong, who played for Geelong Korea, also helped as a shortstop, showing an outstanding performance in karate and defense. 

Park Chan-ho emphasized, “I felt that our infield team improved a lot in Hampyeong. Do-young and Kyu-seong definitely improved. I think I’m the main shortstop, but as long as I’m a baseball player, there will always be competition. I have to accept it.” 

In fact, Park Chan-ho is an immovable shortstop. However, he was in a position where he could not be confident. The KIA infield has become a composition where someone can fill in whenever a seat is vacated. The same goes for the shortstop position. This is a phase where you have to stay alert and keep your place. 

Park Chan-ho said his goal for this year was to improve his batting ability. He gave his homework, saying, “I’m posting better numbers than last year in hitting. I’m never a good hitter. I’m not going to be a league average OPS. I have to raise this.” 

As for Chan-Ho Park, his batting ability is improving every year. In 2022, he raised his batting average to . He had 130 hits, 22 doubles and 4 home runs. He has a slugging percentage of 3.4 and an on-base percentage of 3.4. He’s blaming himself for a mere .685 OPS.  

This year, it was the will to raise the OPS as well as the batting average. Park Chan-ho said, “I developed muscle mass and power to improve my hitting ability. I weighed up to 78kg. Hitting a harder ball is more likely to hit. I had a practice game in Hampyeong, and I could see the ball better than I thought.” 

Park’s ultimate goal is to become the best shortstop. The thief king Suseong, who won twice, did not aim for it. “I’ll do my best to steal bases, but he won’t aim for first place,” he said. He would steal bases in situations where the team needed them, but would not steal bases for the king of base stealers.

It was interpreted as meaning that he would maintain his physical strength and reduce the risk of injury. Then, he laughed, saying, “Instead, I want to fix my running on the ball too much in defense. Now I want to win the Golden Glove as a shortstop. Wouldn’t it be fine if I won the championship?” He had a strong will to become the best shortstop by focusing on strengthening his hitting. 

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