If you get hit, let’s go hit one, fill Samsung’s 2%

 We came to a reversal. Keeping it now is key.

6 wins 4 losses. This is the record of Seoul Samsung in the first round. Until now, I heard that Samsung has successfully changed this season. However, as the number of injured continued to increase, Samsung failed to maintain its balance and collapsed. Fortunately, the main players recovered from their injuries and returned to the court relatively early, but synergy was not achieved. It was not easy to reestablish the center once shaken.

Nevertheless, it is true that it is distinctly different from Samsung last season. Last season, if there were many cases of losing helplessly with a long losing streak, this season, most of the cases were lost because they were unable to overcome the hurdle despite losing streaks. 토토사이트

Just before the end of the first half, Samsung tied the score and played a game chasing a single-digit score difference, but failed to turn around in the second half and fell into an 8-game losing streak. In the second half it got a little better. During the break, both foreign players were replaced, and Samsung, which was reorganized with all players, made a turnaround. However, after one hit, he collapsed.

The process changed, but Samsung did not change the result. Then, what would it take for a reversal to lead to victory?

Director Eun Hee-seok said, “It is the focal point. There are times when we just get hit once more. You can lose, but why do you run away and hide when you get hit? At that time, since we were hit once, there must be a player who leads us to go hit one. I think that is the pivot point, but we are gentle and nice in that respect.”

“I really want to fix that, and I want to make and grow into a player with guts. You can win or lose in a great match, but the hard part is to break up once the hurdle comes. In order to fix it within this season, I am talking to the players individually and talking to each other and working hard. I believe that there will be players who can play a pivotal role. That’s why (Lee) Dong-yeop came in, which is a good thing. (Lee) Jeong-hyeon is a difficult part to do alone.”

Before taking office as Samsung coach, coach Eun Hee-seok fostered many talents at Yonsei University. When asked who was the player who played an active part in the crisis, “There is nothing to say if there are only two (Heo) Hoon and (Choi) Jun-yong. There are many good players that SK can produce good results, but among those players, there are players who are really crazy and passionate about basketball. I think it’s a part that can bring the team’s cohesiveness.”

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