“I can do it! I can do it!”

It is the cheering slogan of Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance that filled the scene. Sports that go as expected are not fun. Ikbairi played the best game of the season and produced a surprise. The home stadium was also excitedly heated up after a long time.

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance won a set score 3-1 (25-17, 22-25, 25-20, 25-21) in the Dodram 2022-2023 season V-League men’s round 3 KEPCO match held at Chungmu Gymnasium in Daejeon on the 20th.

With this, Samsung Fire & Marine won their third win (13 losses) of the season and recorded 11 points. It is the second time this season that Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance has won 3 points since the KB Insurance match on November 22nd.

With this, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance broke the chain of 7 consecutive losses in 25 days since the defeat in the Korean Air War on November 25th. On the other hand, KEPCO’s number of consecutive losses from the loss to Woori Card on December 3 increased to ‘5’. It failed to raise the ranking, which had fallen to 5th place (19 points).

Kim Jeong-ho, who opened the way to attack, and Kim Jun-woo and Ha Hyun-yong, who played the role of the team’s vitality, were also good, but above all, Ikbairi (33 points), who was completely transformed, showed great performance. It wasn’t the season’s most points (42). It was the best match that could be expected from him, with overwhelming elasticity as if flying, power to break through the blocking wall without shrinking, and the image of a solver who overcomes every hurdle. He showed off his compatibility with setter Lee Ho-gun, who started in two consecutive games.

Thais, who burned whenever he met his own team, was not in bad condition enough to record a triple crown that day, but had difficulty breathing with Kim Kwang-guk, who replaced Ha Seung-woo, who was missing due to a finger injury. The receive line struggled with Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance’s strong serve, including Shin Shin-ho (3 serve aces), and the attack was not resolved accordingly.

The first set was literally Ikbairi’s set. At the beginning of the set, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance was hit with consecutive serve aces by Tais. However, in 4-6, Ryu Yoon-sik was put in instead of Go Jun-yong, and the atmosphere changed. Ha Hyun-yong played a big role in 5-7 and ran to 11-8. Afterwards, Ikbairi and Kim Jeong-ho stormed the opponent’s court, leading 17-12, 21-16, and finished with Shin Shin-ho’s consecutive sub-aces.

KEPCO allowed 2 sets of counterattacks. A fierce seesaw match continued until 14-14. After the mega rally, a good atmosphere continued, such as overturning the result by catching the opponent’s mistake through video reading. However, KEPCO Thais revived and gave up the set after being pushed back 16-19, 19-22. Coincidentally, the finish of the second set was Shin Shin-ho’s sub room. 토토

The third set started with Hogun Lee’s serve ace. In 13-11, Ikbairi’s consecutive serve aces and open attacks continued and seized the victory. Afterwards, even while exchanging sub-rooms with each other, Ikbairi led the atmosphere and foresaw victory.

Ikbairi blazed to the climax in the 4th set. Thais also blocked Ikhbairi’s attacks one after another, and the number of offenses (12) was not small. However, even when the ball was focused on him, his concentration and momentum did not die. The tip of the ball was exquisitely inserted all over the line. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance led 11-7, 16-13, and Kim Jeong-ho ended the game 24-21. Samsung Fire & Marine players rushed to the court as if they had won.