“I’ll definitely beat it” Willingness to avenge the Korea-Japan match… Embarrassed Japanese media “Korea doesn’t look frightened”

 The Japanese media is embarrassed by Lee Kang-chul-ho’s mental armament ahead of the Korea-Japan war. It seems that he was greatly shocked by the composure of Korean hitters who welcomed the reunion with Major League MVP Shohei Ohtani (LA Angels). 

Japanese media ‘Tokyo Sports’ said on the 24th, “The Korean WBC (World Baseball Classic) national team is eager to reunite with Ohtani. He is full of confidence in his opponent Ohtani.” 

According to Japanese multiple media outlets, Ohtani’s starting pitch for the WBC Korean War is considered strong. Ohtani is a pitcher who gave Korean baseball a nightmare in the past, and in the 2015 Premier12, he tied the Korean batting line tightly with 6 innings, 2 hits, 2 walks, 10 strikeouts and no runs in the opening game, and 1 hit, 11 strikeouts and no runs in 7 innings in the semifinals. This was before Ohtani entered the major leagues.

Tokyo Sports said, “The opponents of the first round are Korea and Australia. In particular, Samurai Japan considers Korea as their biggest rival in the first round,” he said. 

However, Kang-Cheol Lee remains resolute against Japan’s strategy. Rather, it is a look that welcomes the reunion with Ohtani. In a recent interview with major leaguer Kim Ha-seong, “There is no need to be intimidated before meeting Ohtani. I know he is a great player, but there are variables in winning,” and next-generation left-handed ace Chang-mo Koo showed confidence, saying, “If I meet batter Ohtani, I will throw a fastball.” Not only them, but the entire national team is seeking revenge for the Tokyo Olympics by shouting, “We will definitely beat Japan.” 먹튀검증

Tokyo Sports said, “The Korean national team does not look frightened. In the case of Kim Ha-seong, he showed a willingness to avenge the Korea-Japan match and is rather looking forward to a confrontation with Ohtani.” Choi Ji-man (Pittsburgh) with a career-high 61 homers in the major leagues, Tommy Edman (St. Louis), who won the Gold Glove Award, and Lee Jung-hoo (Kiwoom), who are aiming to advance to the US through posts after the season, all sharpen their knives to defeat Ohtani. There is,” he said. 

I also analyzed the reason why Korea is confident. The media quoted a major league official familiar with the Korean baseball world as saying, “If Ha-seong Kim and Jung-hoo Lee show good performances against pitcher Ohtani in the WBC, they can greatly increase the value of the product in the US market.” It is a so-called very tasty opponent for the Korean national team’s main players. That is why they are crying out for the overthrow of Ohtani.”

The long-awaited WBC Round 1 match between Korea and Japan will take place on March 10 at the Tokyo Dome in Japan. Attention is focusing on whether Ohtani, who has grown into an MVP in the major leagues, will be able to make his first appearance in the Korean War in eight years, and if so, whether Korea will succeed in revenge.

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