“I’m motivated” Byun Jun-hyeong, celebrating MVP, made a second T-shirt showing off his aesthetic sense

 “It felt really good to see fans wearing T-shirts made last season. It also motivated me to keep doing well.”

Anyang KGC guard Byun Jun-hyung (26) once again shows off his aesthetic sense. As he was selected as the MVP of the second round, he produced MVP T-shirts for two consecutive seasons. He, who designed the 3rd round MVP t-shirt last season, plans to carry out a unique fan service this time as well.

Byun Jun-hyung played an average of 30 minutes and 44 seconds per game during the second round, scoring 16.9 points and 5.4 assists. He ranked 7th overall and 3rd among domestic players in round 2 scoring average, and ranked 2nd in average assists. The affiliated team, KGC, also ranked first in the round with 7 wins and 2 losses in the 2nd round, and is steadily maintaining the top spot. Byun Jun-hyung, who drew an upward curve with his team, won 61 out of 78 votes in the second round MVP vote and was selected as the best player in the second round.

It doesn’t just end with selection. The Korea Professional Basketball League (KBL) has been producing and selling round MVP commemorative T-shirts from the 2021-2022 season. Players selected as MVPs participate in T-shirt design. Last season’s top-selling T-shirt was hand-painted by 3rd round MVP Byun Jun-hyung. Byun Jun-hyung showed off his unique aesthetic sense and drew a character on a T-shirt. He drew a pig, his nickname, and a tiger, which symbolizes 2022, the year of his retirement, and also engraved a message expressing gratitude to his fans on the top right of the T-shirt.

After the T-shirts were sold, fans wearing Byun Jun-hyung MVP T-shirts sat in the stands at every KGC game. And this acted as a great motivation for Byun Jun-hyung. After winning the match against Suwon KT on the 1st, he said, “It felt really good to see fans wearing T-shirts made last season. I was motivated to keep doing well,” he said. “I also want to receive the MVP of the second round. Making T-shirts is really fun,” he smiles. 안전놀이터

Byun Jun-hyung, who won the second round MVP as he wished, will film T-shirt production content on the 21st. In this position, he also designs t-shirts himself. An official from the KGC club said, “It seems that Byun Jun-hyeong is thinking of a cool style character rather than a cute style this time. I was surprised that he draws so well, but he said he likes to draw normally.”

The KBL marketing team will work on the final version for about a week based on the T-shirt design created by Byun Jun-hyung. And on the 29th, pre-order sales of T-shirts will be held.

This is Byun Jun-hyung, who became the best guard in the 5th season of the pro. From January, it seems that he will perform more intensely while looking at the intuitive fans wearing his T-shirts.

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