It took 2 years to go to Suwon FC, coach Kim Do-gyun who kept his promise, Lee Jae-seong “every day is precious”

Suwon FC’s central defender Lee Jae-seong (35) was promising enough to be selected for the A national team 12 years ago. In 2012, he was also a member of Ulsan Hyundai’s Asian Champions League winning team. As the years went by, he became a ‘veteran’. However, his mindset is “every day is precious” as a rookie.

Lee Jae-seong, who met at the 2023 K-League winter field training media camp held at Barev Hotel in Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do on the 8th, said, “Actually, I was going to sign with Suwon FC two years ago. But I injured my knee and had to have surgery온라인카지노. I said I would try again, and the coach said he would wait.” Coach Kim kept his promise to recruit Lee Jae-seong, who had revived from Asan, Chungcheongnam-do.

At the same time, he said, “The coach wants to go to the front quickly, but he avoids irresponsible build-ups. He wants a stable and aggressive build-up.”

Lee Jae-seong wanted to clear up the misunderstanding. “Coachs who don’t know me look at me with a bad eye. Many people recognize me as having a strong personality, but I think those who have played as a player with me and know what kind of person I am are looking for me. I focus on soccer and don’t neglect my age. Every day I play soccer is happy. I cherish this time and spend it.”

Although his physical ability has declined compared to his heyday, his experience has been enriched. Lee Jae-sung said, “My skills have not changed. However, I think my physical abilities have deteriorated due to injuries and surgeries. I feel that my performance is deteriorating, but I will try to persevere well as my experience has increased.”

Lee Jae-seong feels that K-League 1 is easier than K-League 2. He said, “K League 2 is fast-paced. However, it is simple. Since there are fewer movements through the midfield, the process of defending increases. I think it is more comfortable to play in K League 1, which has a build-up through the center.” Explained.

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