“It would have been better if it was Rapac…” Will the free agent outfielder who escaped from Jamsil take a career high at Gocheok Dome?

Kiwoom Heroes Lee Hyung-jong (34) was confident of his good performance at the new home stadium Gocheok Dome.토토사이트,

In an interview after team training held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 7th, Lee Hyung-jong said, “I am in good condition. It can be seen that the condition of the body has risen to almost 100%. I have to raise my sense of the game now, but I think it would have been around 70-80%.”

Lee Hyung-jong, who recorded a batting average of .281 in 624 KBO league games (544 hits in 1936 at-bats), 63 home runs and 254 RBIs, OPS of .797, struggled with injuries and batted 2.64 li in 26 games last season (14 hits in 53 at-bats). He only had 7 RBIs and an OPS of .644. Hyungjong Lee, who declared Futures FA after the season, signed a four-year contract with Kiwoom for 2 billion won. Kiwoom is expecting Lee Hyeong-jong to recover from his injury and rebound. Hyungjong Lee is expected to occupy a spot in the Kiwoom outfield this season.

Lee Hyeong-jong, who conducted his first training at the Gocheok Dome, said, “It is a very good stadium. I was surprised by how good the facilities are. The locker room, the resting area, and the weather are not affected. I have good memories in Gocheok, so it feels good.”

Gocheok Dome is the only dome stadium in the KBO League, and it is known that outfield defense is difficult. However, Lee Hyeong-jong said, “It is true that the roof and the ball overlap in daytime games, making it difficult to defend.” It is rather good to defend in that area,” he said confidently in defending the Gocheok Dome.

Since joining LG in 2008, Hyung-Jong Lee has used Jamsil Stadium, the best pitcher-friendly stadium in the KBO League, as his home stadium until last year. As the home stadium was changed from Jamsil Stadium to Gocheok Dome, batting performance is expected to improve.

“I think Lions Park would have been better,” said Hyungjong Lee, who laughed and said, “I really like Lions Park. The performance in Daegu was really good,” he said. “It’s not as good as Lions Park, but I have a lot of good memories at Gocheok Dome. In Gocheok Dome, there are cases in which a ball to be hit becomes a double hit, and a ball to be caught is missing and becomes a hit. In fact, I think Gocheok Dome is a good stadium for hitters.”

Gocheok Dome is generally evaluated as a stadium that favors pitchers rather than batters. In particular, it is not easy to hit a home run because the stadium is wider than expected and there is no wind. However, Lee Hyeong-jong said, “There are many players who do not fit in Gocheok Dome, but I think I can see the ball a little better when I come to Gocheok Dome. Every player has a field that suits them well. In the case of me, the ball really doesn’t hit well in Daejeon and I can’t see it. Today, I had a phone call with (Jeong) Geun-woo, and he said that he did the opposite in Gocheok and played well in Daejeon. It seems to be because of various factors such as the size of the stadium, structure, lighting, and atmosphere.”

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