‘It’s good that you refused’… “At Tottenham? I wouldn’t have played”

 It is important to constantly receive opportunities to participate.

According to the British media’The Boot Room’ on the 12th (Korean time), Evgeny Levchenko, who played for the Ukrainian national team, insisted that it was the right decision to reject Tottenham Hotspur to Ruslan Malinovsky (29), a local player.

Midfield was one of Tottenham’s reinforcement positions this winter. At the request of manager Antonio Conte, Tottenham wanted to sign a creative midfielder alongside a right-back and striker.

It was Malinowski who attracted Tottenham’s attention. Wearing the Atalanta uniform in the summer of 2019, he is considered a great advantage for his versatility. While digesting the offensive midfielder position as well as defense, he recorded 12 assists in Serie A in the 2020-21 season and became the king of assists.

But it wasn’t just Tottenham that sent Malinowski a love call. It is known that he expressed his intention to recruit Nottingham Forest of the same English Premier League (PL) as well as Olympique Marseille.

And the winner of this scout competition was Marseille. Recently, reporter Fabrizio Romano, a transfer market expert, said through his social network service (SNS), “We have signed a contract with Marseille and Malinowski.” 온라인카지노

In the first place, the possibility of going to Tottenham was evaluated as the highest, but the reason why the transfer was not completed was due to disagreements about the terms of the contract. According to reports, Atalanta wanted to sell, but negotiations did not go smoothly, as Tottenham preferred to complete the signing through a loan.

And national team senior Levchenko said it was the right decision for Malinowski not to go to Tottenham.

The reason was that he could not be guaranteed a chance to participate. “At 30, he thinks carefully about all his options. If Malinowski moved to England, to Tottenham? I don’t think he would have played there,” he shook his head.

He added that if he can play more, Marseille is a better option as he can also gain experience on a bigger European stage. Levchenko continued, “Marseille is a volcano. If you don’t play with your eyes on, the fans will kick you out. At this club you have to work 100 per cent.” A great team that can do it.”

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