Jae-il Oh holds the key to Samsung infield generation replacement? what does it mean

Samsung is evaluated as having a relatively weak point in the infield.

After giving away veteran infielders Kim Sang-soo and Oh Seon-jin as free agents, there was a hole in the backup line. Lee Jae-hyeon has to step in as the starting shortstop, and Kim Ji-chan, the second baseman, is not an experienced player either.

However, there is a player who can alleviate Samsung’s concerns. First baseman Oh Jae-il is the main character. It is evaluated that he has the talent to power Samsung’s generational change in both offense and defense.

First of all, the defense is excellent. Experts are unanimous that he has the most outstanding defensive skills among first basemen in the KBO League.

In particular, the advantage is that the muzzle is stable and can give other players comfort. It is evaluated that his catch ability will serve as a foundation for the growth of the young Samsung infield.

Commentator A, who was a former infielder, said, “The growth rate of the two infielders varies depending on how the first baseman catches. If the first baseman’s catch is uneasy, the throwing fielder is bound to be shaken by anxiety. If such situations are repeated, he will have difficulty growing up. How a first baseman catches the ball has a huge impact on the development of an infielder’s skills. If there is a catch that can make up for the mistake, the skill can be improved to that extent. In that sense, Oh Jae-il’s presence can be said to be absolute. Samsung infielders are not good at throwing, but Oh Jae-il is holding up, so it may not be noticeable. It is expected that Samsung infielders will be able to show improved skills through this season. At the center is Oh Jae-il. Despite the rapid growth of Doosan’s young Yasujin, Oh Jae-il’s share was not small. A similar phenomenon could happen at Samsung,” he said.

Even in the attack, Oh Jae-il’s share can be said to be very large. He is especially highly regarded as a hitter who can hit a home run.

Last year, Oh Jae-il’s batting average was not very high at 0.268,

but he was responsible for the team’s slugging power by pulling out 94 RBIs with 21 home runs. His slugging percentage was 0.491. 메이저사이트

Samsung has a relatively small home stadium. However, since there are not many players who can hit home runs, they are always in the red.

Oh Jae-il is the player who can fill that void. Foreign player Pirella is far from the typical big gun style. If Jae-il Oh’s home run doesn’t keep pace, Samsung’s destructive power will inevitably fall.

Jae-il Oh signed a 4-year, 5 billion won FA contract with Samsung for the 2021 season. And he has been evaluated as having paid my ransom for two years.

He has a little more weight on his shoulders this season. It is not an exaggeration to say that the success of the Samsung infield shift depends on his mitt. Here, more home runs are needed at bat.

Will Oh Jae-il be able to overcome all those burdens and lead the team to fall baseball? It can be said that this year is the season in which Oh Jae-il’s true value should be displayed.

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