K League 2 Jeonnam, which was caught in a draw, will this season be a ‘winning team’?

Jeonnam Dragons is the team with the most draws in the K-League 2 professional football over the past three seasons.

Jeonnam, which stayed in 6th place in the regular league with 14 draws (8 wins, 5 losses), more than half of the 27 games in the 2020 season, also played 37 games, with 14 draws (13 wins, 10 losses), the most in the 2021 season, and placed 4th in the league. occupied

In the 2022 season, the number has increased further. In 17 out of 40 games (6 wins, 17 losses), they were unable to choose a winner and placed at the bottom of the league.

In the past, Jeonnam often had many draws. In 2003, led by Lee Hoi-taek, 20 out of 44 games were tied, and in 2006, under coach Heo Jeong-moo, a total of 13 games were drawn, including 9 consecutive games at the beginning of the season.

Since then, various coaches and players have gone through Jeonnam and put their own style on the team, but recently Jeonnam seems to be struggling with a ‘tough draw’ again.

Of course, it is a welcome thing if you show your back in a losing game and balance it. Last season, the 7th round against Ansan Greeners and the 8th round against Seoul E-Land (above 1-1 draw) were matches in which Jeonnam won a valuable 1 point.

The problem is that there are not a few cases in which the winning game is not kept in the lead and conceded points.

Jeonnam failed to score the opening goal in round 31 with Bucheon FC in August, round 34 with Gimpo FC, and round 40 with Daejeon Hana Citizen in September, all of which were tied 1-1.

In particular, in the final game of the season against Bucheon in October of last year, they allowed an equalizer in the 45th minute of스포츠토토 the second half when they were leading 2-1, securing a 2-2 draw and finishing in last place.

Jeonnam, who stole tears at the’lack of back heart’, is determined to show a changed appearance in the 2023 season.

First, they recruited 201 cm tall Swedish striker Simovic, and Lee Yong-jae, who played in France and Japan, for a ‘hot attack’ compared to last season, which only ranked 7th in the league (47 goals).

Here, we also focus on finding a defensive balance.

Director Lee Minister Jeonnam said at the 2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp held at Hotel Lackhee Gwangyang in Gwangyang City, Jeollanam-do on the 16th, “You have to be more aggressive when you’re attacking and more stable when you’re defending. You have to incorporate efficient soccer.”

“As a result of continuous analysis, it seems that there is a big problem with man-to-man on the defensive line, so we are improving. We are training to move around the ball. If we can effectively cope with the defensive line or defense, the number of goals will decrease.”

Coach Lee pointed out, “The biggest problem was that there were many cases where we lost points after winning,” and promised, “This year, we expect that 90 minutes of regular time will pass and there will be more extra time, and we will prepare well for that part as well.” .

Hu-kwon Lee, the captain, said, “During the winter training period, what the coach considered important was ‘fighting’. The training time became longer and the intensity became stronger.” There is, and the manager also told me not to be comfortable with conceding at the end.”

He said, “I always trained hard during winter training, and then I prepared by playing practice matches in a difficult state. It seems that he made me train more powerfully on purpose,” he said. It will have a positive effect,” he said.

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