‘K-League Assault Captain’ Gerso, who landed in Incheon, “Attack P 20/MVP competition goal”

‘K-League Assault Captain’ Zerso (32) will wear the ‘Pagum (blue + black) uniform’ from the new season. Jerso, who became a member of Incheon United, revealed his strong aspirations.

Zerso, who is currently sweating in Chiang Mai, Thailand, said in a recent written interview with Ilgan Sports, “My family and I enjoyed living in Jeju. I had a lot of close people, so it was a pity to leave Jeju.” It’s nice to have less (to worry about) now. I am grateful to my wife for overcoming it well.”

Jerso, who was on the American stage, joined Jeju United in 2021 and entered the K-League. His performance was outstanding. In his first season, he only scored 5 goals and 2 assists in 32 appearances, but he delighted fans with his graceful dribbling breakthrough. He scored 8 goals and 7 assists last season.

A number of teams had their eyes on Zerso. In particular, Incheon was sincere in signing the contract with Jerso, who had perfectly adapted to the K-League. Incheon coach Cho Seong-hwan, who values ​​quick offensive and defensive transitions, singled out Zerso as a striker to strengthen the front, and Lim Joong-yong, head of the Power Reinforcement Office, immediately began recruiting. Director Lim showed ‘sincerity’ and moved Zerso’s heart.  스포츠토토

Zerso said, “The most decisive reason (of the transfer) is the sincerity of Chief Lim Joong-yong. I was very moved by the handwritten letter written by Director Lim himself. He wondered if anyone had ever done this in his life.” He said, “He has never been in contact with the director. But he heard that the director was trying to come to America himself to convince me. When I think about it now, I am grateful.”

Incheon, which finished fourth in the K-League 1 last season, will participate in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League (ACL) for the first time in the club’s history. Advancing into the ACL also played a big role in embracing Zerso. He said, “My original plan was to go to a place where my family could enjoy convenience and to go to a club with big ambitions. I thought that if I had to choose among Korean clubs, I should go to a team that participates in the ACL. It was Incheon that met all of these conditions,” he explained. 

After two seasons on the Korean stage, Zerso was reborn as the best cracker in the K League 1. Breaking through the side using explosive speed is by far the best in the league. His ball control skills are also outstanding, so he easily beats one or two defenders. His diligent movement in the front is also a strength. This is why Incheon was looking forward to his joining.

Zerso said, “I will show you the image of Jeju days. I will always do my best to be fast, strong in one-on-one fights, and create good opportunities for the team.” Coach Cho Seong-hwan said, “The higher the goal, the better. He emphasized, “I want to record about 20 attack points.”

Dreaming of ’emergency’ with Incheon. “The goal of the team is, of course, to finish in the top 4 and advance to the ACL next season,” said Zerso. My personal goal is to be selected as the best 11 in the league and to compete for the MVP (Most Valuable Player).” 

Receiving an enthusiastic welcome from the fans, he said, “I am really grateful for the passion and support of the fans. I will always give everything I have and try to share as many victories and happy moments with fans as possible.”

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