“Advanced defense is important” (KCC coach Jeon Chang-jin)
“The atmosphere is not bad” (Samsung coach Eun Hee-seok)

Jeonju KCC meets Seoul Samsung in the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot professional basketball regular league held at Jeonju Indoor Gymnasium on the 17th.

KCC is the team that attracted the most attention in the summer of 2022. This is because two out of the 6 free agents (free agents) were recruited. Both Heo Woong (185cm, G) and Lee Seung-hyun (197cm, F) were caught under the condition of a total of 750 million won in remuneration for the 2022-2023 season over a five-year contract period.

However, KCC’s conditions were not very good. Lee Seung-hyun joined the team late after ankle surgery, and Heo Woong also joined the KCC players after joining the national team. In addition, key resources such as Kim Ji-wan (188cm, G), Jeong Chang-young (193cm, G), and Jeon Jun-beom (195cm, F) were unable to do off-season training due to injuries.

Foreign players were also anxious. Laguna (199cm, C) was alive and well, but Ronde-Hollis Jefferson (197cm, F), who replaced Tyler Davis (208cm, C), is still a question mark. Speed ​​and breakthrough are gradually coming out, but team defense understanding and enduring defense are unstable.

KCC, which has overlapping elements of anxiety, is not producing results as expected. It was the first of 10 clubs to suffer 10 defeats. However, they have 4 wins and 1 loss in their last 5 matches. With a record of 9 wins and 12 losses, they rose to 7th place alone. It is one game away from Daegu Korea Gas Corporation (10 wins, 11 losses) in 6th place alone.

KCC coach Jeon Chang-jin said before the game, “Samsung will play a lot of running basketball. And we have to stop Kim Si-rae and Lee Jung-hyun. You have to control the options derived from a two-on-two of two players. We have to play good defensively,” he said.

After that, “When Jo Woo-sung comes out and when Jang Min-guk comes out, the karate technique will be different. (Lee) Seung-hyun should attack a lot. It’s better if you get a team foul quickly.” 안전놀이터

Meanwhile, Samsung needs to get out of a five-game losing streak.

Samsung made a big change after the end of the 2021-2022 season. Director Eun Hee-seok was newly appointed. Director Eun Hee-seok is the commanding tower that led Yonsei University to its best. He can lead players with strong charisma, and can infuse players with airborne organizational skills.

Only the command tower was not replaced. Ace, who will be in charge of the match, was also recruited. I brought Lee Jung-hyun (189cm, G) from the FA (free agent) market. Kim Shi-rae (178cm, G)-Lee Jung-hyeon, a solid ball handler line has been created.

However, director Eun Hee-seok did not only look at Kim Si-rae and Lee Jung-hyun. In order to maximize team strength, several players were motivated. Representative resources are Jang Min-guk (198cm, F), Lim Dong-seop (198cm, F), Lee Ho-hyun (182cm, G), and Lee Dong-yeop (193cm, G).

Several players are living up to expectations to some extent. However, after a large number of injured resources, Samsung went downhill. If KCC also loses, it can fall further.

Before the game, Samsung coach Eun Hee-seok said, “To break a losing streak, the atmosphere is important. The team atmosphere is not as bad as I thought. Also, one by one they are coming in one after another. Injured resources are likely to return before Christmas.”

“We have to play a few games before then. It’s a question of how long you can endure it. (Alternative foreign player) Jonathan Alledge will play, but I hope Terry will endure.”