Kim Ha-seong is aiming for the Gold Glove “I never thought about it, but I might get it”

Kim Ha-seong began to show his motivation to win the Gold Glove Award. Unlike the past two years, predictions are emerging here and there that this year has plenty of potential. Not only the manager and colleagues, but also the local media in the U.S. see Kim Ha-seong as the best central infielder in the National League.스포츠토토

The Athletic of the USA praised the San Diego Padres on the 6th (Korean time), saying that the starting rotation and batting line are producing results below expectations, but that the defense has been consistent throughout the season. He then wrote, “The unlikely Gold Glove nomination is at the center.” The main character is Kim Ha-seong.

According to The Athletic, San Diego recorded 16 DRS (a numerical indicator of points blocked by defense) until the 4th. This means that the defensive power has been reduced by 16 runs. This is tied for fifth in the major leagues. Kim Ha-seong is the major league leader with a DRS of 13.

Kim Ha-seong, who was one of the final three in the National League shortstop Gold Glove last year, is looking forward to a step further this year. Another indicator also says Ha-seong Kim is the best in the major leagues. He ranks second in outs production average (OAA) behind his teammate Zander Bogatz and second overall in the major leagues.

The Athletic wrote, “Ha-seong Kim, who was expected to have potential on the offensive side when he signed with San Diego, could become the first Korean-born player to win the best defense award in the major leagues.”

Kim Ha-seong also did not show a forced humble attitude towards himself. “At first, I didn’t think about winning the Gold Glove at all, but as I entered my third year, I knew I might win,” he said. He added, “If I go out and do what I do, there will be a reward.”

▲ Manny Machado (left) is Kim Ha-sung’s ‘defensive mentor’.

Ha-seong Kim cited coach Bobby Dickerson, who was the defensive coach in his debut season, and Manny Machado as his mentors. Machado raised his thumb, saying, “It doesn’t matter where you play. Kim Ha-seong is a player who wants to be the best defender.”

He said, “Kim Ha-seong came from a different culture and country. Everything I’m used to is different. Still, I tried to accept and adapt to new things. That’s the driving force of my current performance. I’m trying to be the best. (Coach Dickerson and myself) We I learned from him, but in the end I did it myself,” he continued to praise.

Ha-seong Kim’s failure to win the Gold Glove award last year was a surprise, he added. Machado was convinced that “this year will definitely be Kim Ha-sung’s season.”

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